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Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall Travel Wear For Men

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to turn and the temperature is starting to drop. All of those signs point to one thing – fall is on its way. Take a moment to savor the last few warm summer days before you need to hang up your board shorts and throw your sandals into the back of your closet. Once fall arrives you won’t be able to rock your shorts or your t-shirts anymore. You will have to add some layers, cover your skin, and get ready for the transition into winter.

In order to handle that transition gracefully and stylishly, you will need a few items to help transition your summer favorites into some outfits for your fall travels. This can be especially helpful when you are going from a warm climate to a cooler one.

Below are a few items that will protect you from the chill without covering you completely. Invest in some or all of them in order to get ready for the magical autumn season.

Fall Travel Wear For Men: Olrek Men’s Autumn and Fall Stand Collar Outwear Jacket Coat

The first thing you will need is a good fall jacket. When thrown over a tank top, t-shirt, or button down, this jacket will turn any summer outfit into a stylish look for fall. It is lightweight, but cozy, with a zip closure and a stand color that is guaranteed to warm you up in the face of a cool fall breeze.

It comes in black, tan, and army green, which is great neutral options, or a fantastically bold red that is bound to make a strong fashion statement. This casual jacket is great for day or nighttime wear and will turn a basic t-shirt and jeans into a stylish look for fall.

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Fall Travel Wear For Men: Geoffrey Beene Men’s Scarf Cashmere Feel Made in Italy

This plaid scarf, when combined with some light layers, can transition a summery look into a late-fall fashion piece. It is extremely soft to the touch, so it will feel great against your neck. The classic plaid pattern comes in fifteen different color options.

When you throw this on top of a sweater, jacket, or even a coat in the winter, you will instantly feel cozy and protected in the face of whatever wind or weather the season decides to throw at you. So pick up one of these today to leave in your car, home, or briefcase in order to turn any outfit into a fall outfit.

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Fall Travel Wear For Men: Hattfart Men Fall Winter Casual Sports Cardigan Zipper Sweatshirt Jacket Coat

If you are looking for something lighter than a jacket, but warmer than a t-shirt, invest in this casual sports cardigan. The lines are classic and clean, and the zip-closure and stand color will keep you warm in the cool fall breeze. With this layering piece, you will look professional and put together, much more so than simply grabbing your favorite hoodie.

It comes in four neutral colors, which means it will work with nearly any base, and it is made of a cotton blend that will keep you warm and cozy. This is great as its own fall layer, or as a middle layer between a t-shirt and a coat. Throw this on whenever you feel a chill, and you can even turn shorts and a t-shirt into something more appropriate for fall.

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Fall Travel Wear For Men: Hanes Men’s Long-Sleeve Beefy Henley T-Shirt

A long-sleeve t-shirt is a fantastic option for anyone looking to be comfortable and warm on a chilly day. It covers your arms completely, which protects you from chilly shade or a cool breeze, but it is still light and casual. This is a fantastic foundational piece for any fall outfit. Pair it with jeans and tennis shoes for a sporty look, or with boots and a jacket for a fall fashion-statement.

It is made of cotton and is tag-free for itch-free comfort. The three buttons at the collar give it a subtle fashion touch. It comes in 8 color options, making this a great base for a variety of fall fashion choices. One reviewer really highlighted this shirt’s versatility in saying that they were able to wear it for multiple occasions and that the material was well-crafted.

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Fall Travel Wear For Men: Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot

Fall is a great time to enjoy a good hike, and these warm boots are sure to get you there! They are warmer and tougher than your tennis shoes, which is great for outdoor walking. Even if you aren’t a hiker at heart, the classic style and build of these boots will look good with nearly any fall outfit. Pair with them jeans or khakis for a warm, rustic look.

They are made of a combination of leather and fabric and have a thick rubber sole. They are waterproof, which is great for unpredictable weather, and they come in six neutral colors. Timberland is a trusted footwear company that has been around since 1973. Make sure a pair of these boots is in your closet this fall.

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Fall Travel Wear For Men Summary

So whether you plan on spending some time outdoors this fall, or prefer to turn on the central heating and enjoy the scenery out a window, there are a few key pieces that you will need in your wardrobe. Stock up on the items listed above and you will stay cozy and warm, even as the temperature drops!

If you’re looking for the female-friendly version of this series, click here!

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