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Turn Economy Seats To 1st Class With These Airplane Travel Accessories

Flying is often a necessary part of travel. But with shrinking seats, luggage restraints, and pay-to-play perks, it often isn’t the most fun experience. While you can use a travel credit card to upgrade your experience (hint: check out the best credit card sign up bonuses that are currently available – including opportunities to earn enough points to get you free flights!), sometimes you need to improvise.

If you want to have a first-class experience without paying for a first-class ticket, then make sure you have these fun airplane travel accessories with you when you take to the skies!

Rockstar Airplane Travel Accessories

The items listed below will ensure that you stay comfortable, rested, and entertained during your journey, much like the big-spenders relaxing in the front of the plane.

First Class Feature: Reclining Seats

Recreate with: Phelrena Portable and Adjustable Foot Rest

Sure, economy seats recline, but only by about 4 inches. If you want to seriously kick-back during your journey, you will need something to prop your feet on. This portable, adjustable footrest can be secured to your tray table so that your feet can stay off the ground and in a much more comfortable position for the duration of your flight.

The two foot hammocks can be snapped together, or hang independently, which allows you to customize your comfort. Do not relegate yourself to sitting up straight and leaving a long flight stiff and uncomfortable. Instead, bring a footrest with you!

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First Class Feature: Complimentary Cocktails

Recreate with: W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit, Bloody Mary

Sometimes the only thing that can sharpen your dull senses during air travel is some liquor and spice. This is probably why Bloody Mary’s are such a popular travel cocktail. If you want to enjoy this treat without paying the exorbitant inflight prices, then just order some vodka on the rocks, and use this kit to construct the rest of your drink.

The airplane travel accessory comes in a stylish compact TSA approved tin. It contains a bar spoon, bloody mary mix, rimming salt, two mini pickles, and a linen coaster. Each kit makes two cocktails. The entire kit is roughly the size of your passport, and can easily be tossed in to any carry-on luggage. Feel luxurious without paying the price, and be your own in-flight bartender.

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First Class Feature: An entertainment system

Recreate with: The Airhook Air Travel Cup and Electronics Device Holder

Who needs a difficult to operate in-flight entertainment system when everyone carries their own iPad anyway? This device holder sits right on top of your stored tray table and keeps your device secure with an elastic strap. This holder is completely universal, securing anything from an extra-large tablet to a small and sleek smartphone.

It also comes with an included beverage holder. Note that the angle can be adjusted in case the traveler in front of you decides to recline their seat. When not in use, it folds down to roughly the size of a wallet, making it compact and easy to transport.

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First Class Feature: Outlets and charging ports

Recreate with: RAVPower Portable Charger/Power Bank

This powerful charging brick stores enough energy to supply 6.1 charges for the iPhone 7, 4 charges for the Samsung Galaxy S8, and 1.6 charges for the iPad Air 2. So if you are concerned about draining your devices with entertainment content during your travels, you can rest easy knowing that a full recharged is stored away in this brick.

This brick has dual USB outputs, so you can even charge two devices at once! Never worry about poor battery performance again, and keep your devices charged up and ready to use with this RAVPower power bank.

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First Class Feature: Room to spread out and walk around during long flights

Recreate with: A-Swift Compression Socks

If you are in a window or a middle seat, it can be really difficult to get up and walk around during long flights. Blood clots can become a real risk, and at the very least, sitting still for hours at a time can leave you feeling sore and cramped when you deplane a flight.

These fun and funky compression socks will not only help you to prevent blood clots, but they will keep you feeling comfortable and refreshed as well! Just put them on before you take off, and you will notice reduced soreness when you reach your final destination. With more than 30 fantastic pattern options, you can stay stylin’ too!

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First Class Feature: A cocoon to sleep in

Recreate with:

If you want to tune out the ambient noise and surrounding passengers during your flight, then these comfortable headphones are a great way for you to feel like you are in your own little relaxation bubble. Unlike traditional headphones, these resemble a headband that is meant to cover your ears.

You can enjoy your favorite relaxing tunes without having to worry about your earbuds falling out of your ear, or your larger headphones getting in your way as you try to rest your head against the seat or window. By covering your whole ear, you are blocking out a lot of ambient sounds. If you just close your eyes, you can imagine that you are in a private, first-class bed, relaxing and recharging during your travels.

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First Class Feature: A more comfortable seat

Recreate with: Zura Energy Inflatable Travel Ergonomic Pillow

If you crave lumbar support when you travel, then look no further than this compact little pillow that can easily be inflated, and placed behind your back for ergonomic support. It is made of a slip-resistant material, so it should stay in place even if you fidget.

This rockstar plane travel accessory comes with its own little carrying case for easy storage. Never again leave a flight with a sore or achy back. Instead, blow up this little pillow with a few deep breaths and reap the benefits of comfortable and adjustable lumbar support.

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Summary of Essential Airplane Travel Accessories To Level Up Your Journey

You do not need to pay luxury prices in order to have a luxury experience. Just a few little accessories can turn any trip into a fabulous experience. So make sure that your carry-on is stocked with your favorite flying accessories, and make your fellow travelers jealous!

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