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Tips For Getting Through TSA Quickly So You Can Be On Your Way

Airport security is notorious for long lines, invasive pat-downs, and strict regulations. Without TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, every passenger is expected to remove the liquids from their bags, remove any electronics larger than a smartphone, remove everything from their pockets, and take off their jackets and shoes. It can definitely be time-consuming.

Travel Tip: Some credit cards come with free TSA PreCheck or Global Entry as part of their perks. Use some of the best credit cards for travel to take advantage of this travel perk that is valid for 5 years!

Below are several products that will help you to get through TSA quickly. Make sure you’ve got the right bag, the right outfit, and the right accessories, and you should be able to get through airport security and TSA quickly, with no problems at all.

Step #1: Choose the Right Bag To Get Through TSA Quickly

Our Suggestion: Brinch 18.4 inch Laptop Backpack

Every time you go through airport security you will need to remove every electronic larger than a smartphone and place it in its own bin. That includes game systems, laptop computers, and tablets. This backpack from Brinch includes an easy-to-access exterior pocket that can fit most 18-inch laptop computers or other electronic devices.

When it comes to removing items from your bag, you will not have to dig through your entire backpack just to pull out the one item that requires additional screening. The thick foam padding and Velcro-closure will keep your items safe and secure. It comes in five neutral colors that will look sleek and professional no matter what you are wearing.

Link to buy.

Step #2: Choose the Right Clothing To Get Through TSA Quickly

Our Suggestion: Slip-on Shoes

Removing shoes is a standard part of your TSA screening. With a line closing in quickly behind you, you are going to want shoes that are easy to put on and remove. Laces will take too long and zippered boots are a hassle.

Slip-on closed toed shoes should be your plane travel go-to. You can slide your foot out without even bending down, plus slipping them back on at the end of security is as simple as pulling the shoe back onto your foot.

Women’s Version:

These shoes are simple and stylish. They are easy to put on and remove and come in six fun colors for you to match with any outfit.


Men’s Version: Tesla Men’s Slip-On Loafer Performance Sport Active Fashion Cushion Sneaker

These shoes are comfortable and stylish so that they will work with almost any outfit. They come in 11 neutral colors and are extremely lightweight.

Link to buy.

Our Suggestion: Pocketless Pants

Another stage in the TSA screening process is removing everything from your pockets. Change, paper, tickets, and hair ties all have to go into the bin. Instead of digging through your lint-filled pockets, skip the hassle and choose some pants that don’t even have pockets! If you don’t have anywhere to store things, you will not have anything to remove. Simply waltz right on through!

Women’s Version: FEIVO yoga Pant

These pants are stretchy and comfortable, and the mesh panels make them a stylish choice. They come in an amazing 28 different color options and are just right for plane travel.

Link to buy.

Men’s Version: A&E Designs Champion 50/50 Adult Fleece Sweatpants

These pants are super comfortable. They feature an elastic waistband with an inside drawcord and absolutely no pockets!

Link to buy.

Our Suggestion: A Cargo Jacket

Pockets in your pants may be a bad idea, but a jacket with pockets is a great idea! You will have to remove your jacket either way, so you may as well load it up with everything you will need during your trip.

A stylish cargo jacket can hold your phone, ticket, headphones, charging brick, chapstick, and anything else you may want to have immediately on hand. By storing your items in your jacket instead of your pants, you will not have to remove everything into a bin. You can simply put your entire jacket right in a bin and get through TSA quickly.

Women’s Version: Easy Leisure Girl Army Green Military Parka

This jacket has large, flap-closed pockets for storing everything you may need. The neutral green color will match most of the items in your closet, and it will help keep you warm and comfortable during your travels.

Link to buy.

Men’s Version: Orangetime Men Multi-Pocket Outdoor Hooded Cargo Jacket

This jacket has two side pockets and two breast pockets, giving you ample storage space. It comes in three neutral color options and will definitely keep you comfortable.

Link to buy.

Our Suggestion: An Over-Sized Scarf

Wander Agio Long Shawl

If you do not have any items to store in your pockets, you may want to opt for a shawl instead of a jacket. It is quicker to remove and put on, and can double as a blanket on drafty flights!

This one comes in nine different pattern and color options, and will be soft and cozy against your skin.

Link to buy.

Step #3: Choose the Right Accessories To Get Through TSA Quickly

3Pcs Crystal Clear Cosmetic Bag

If you plan on transporting any liquids, you will need to keep them in 3 oz containers (maximum) and put all of those containers into one quart-sized Ziplock bag. This is so the agents can peak in at a glance to see what liquids you are bringing with you.

Instead of using a flimsy Ziplock bag, or removing all of your items from an opaque toiletry bag, store your items in this clear bag that is TSA approved as a secure way to transport toiletries.

Link to buy.

Get Through TSA Quickly With These Items

A little preparation can go a long way in making the travel process go smoothly. Follow these three steps, and you will be through TSA quickly. You’ll be ready to go and on your plane before you know it!

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