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Home Away From Home Traveler Emergency Preparedness

Home safety is no joke. It may seem easy enough to keep the walk shoveled in winter and the gutters clear in fall, but what happens during an emergency? Extreme weather, grease fires, and accidental injury can all wreak havoc and cause mayhem, so why not be prepared? With just a few simple tools and supplies, your household can be ready for anything. Preparedness is important. All it takes is some minimal investment to make sure that you are ready for anything life may throw at you.

If you rent out your home as an Airbnb, have a summer home away from home that you travel to, or frequently stay at non-traditional accommodations, you’ll want to ensure that everything is safe.

Traveler Emergency Preparedness: Kidde FA 110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC

It is common knowledge that grease fires cannot be put out with water, but how common is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen? This is one of those tools that many people overlook until it is too late. A slim little extinguisher tucked under your sink or in the bottom of your pantry can save you from injury and property devastation.

It is easy to deploy, and the easy-to-read gauge tells you when the canister is charged and ready to go. It is lightweight and easy for anyone to use. This essential is US Coast Guard approved for class A, B, and C fires. Keep this extinguisher handy and avoid a devastating kitchen fire effectively keep you and your family safe.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness: FYJ Emergency Blankets Emergency survival Fiberglass Fire Blanket Shelter Safety Cover

If a fire extinguisher just isn’t enough or if the thought of dosing a kitchen fire with that horrid white foam is just too much to handle, then stock up on emergency fire blankets. These blankets will extinguish both liquid and grease fires by suffocating them, without leaving a foaming mess.

It measures 39” x 39”, which should be more than enough to put out a kitchen fire. It is versatile as well. If you are ever in a freezing situation this fiberglass blanket can act as a heat shield around your own body. This is another one of those tools that you hope you never have to use but will be incredibly grateful to have in the event that you actually need it. Don’t be caught off-guard.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness: First Aid Kit Hard Red Case 326 Pieces Exceeds OSHA and ANSI Guidelines

First aid kits are important to have on hand. You should always have one at work and in your car, but a first aid kit in your home is most important of all. Minor injuries are common in the home. Everything from burns in the kitchen to sprained ankles in the yard can be tended to at home if they aren’t too serious.

This first aid kit is incredibly robust, containing 326 pieces. The interior is fully organized for quick access, and it even has wall mounts for you to hang it up in your kitchen, mudroom, or garage. This kit contains everything from alcohol prep pads, to sting relief ointment, to band-aids and gauze, which makes it perfect for treating minor home ailments and injuries.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness: Winner Outfitters Portable Outdoor COB Camping Lantern with LED Flashlight

In the event of a power outage, lanterns and flashlights suddenly become very important. These lanterns are bright and efficient, illuminating 360 degrees for up to eight hours of continuous use. They are powered by AA batteries, are portable and lightweight, and even collapse into a smaller size when not in use.

They are weather resistant and contain no glass, so you won’t need to worry about anything breaking, and can even be used as a wide-angle flashlight. According to the manufacturer, the new COB LED technology is twice as bright as the old LEDs and offers an incredibly low consumption. Don’t get caught in the dark again, keep these lanterns handy and illuminate the darkness quickly and efficiently.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness: Home Dust Mask – 5-Pack

In the event of inferior air quality, either through family sickness, pollution, or even something as dire as construction collapse, you will need a way to breath clean air quickly. This five pack of home dusk masks are a great way to filter the worst bits out of the air you breathe.

They adjust to fit closely over the bridge of your nose and are contour-fitted for comfort. If tornados, earthquakes, extreme pollution, or anything else that makes it difficult to breathe plagues you, keep these on hand for when the air degrades around you.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness:

In the event of an emergency that includes a power loss, it can be difficult to get weather and safety information. This emergency radio can be powered either through a solar panel or a hand crank. Even if you have no power and no batteries, you will be able to get updates on the weather conditions around you.

In addition to an AM/FM radio, this tool includes a flashlight and a USB power bank. This means it can be used to charge your smartphone for further updates. It even has an incredibly SOS alarm for you to blare out. You’ll be able to alert others of your location in the event of a personal safety emergency. This is a multi-tool that you will be incredibly grateful to have in the event of an emergency of any scale.

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness: Mountain house Just in Case Classic Bucket

When it comes to emergencies, it can be difficult to come across provisions. Once the stores have been cleaned out, it can be a challenge to stock up on even the barest of essentials. This “just in case” bucket contains 29 emergency meals. Just add water to the pouch and you are ready to eat in less than ten minutes.

This one bucket along can feed a person for three in a half days. Or, it can feed a family for a night or two until the stores are able to restock. Keep a few of these in your basement or garage. Avoid the craziness around stocking up in the event of a weather emergency. Simply stay home and eat the provisions you’ve already got!

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Traveler Emergency Preparedness

So whether you are renting out your space for fellow travelers, participate in homestays, or have a rental in an area with bad weather, be sure to have these safety essentials.

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