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Travel Laundry Detergent For Your Next Excursion

There is one word that strikes fear and anxiety into the heart or world travelers. Are you ready?


Whether you are desperately trying to navigate the foreign language instructions on a mysterious machine, scrubbing your delicates in a hostel sink, or just giving up and wearing the same shirt three days in a row, keeping your clothes clean while on the road is a major hassle.

Unfortunately, getting laundry done on the road is sometimes a necessity, especially now that airline baggage fees are pushing more and more people into packing their entire week’s worth of contents in a tiny personal item. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly large availability of travel laundry detergent – making your mobile wash and dry cycle easier than ever.

Our Favorite Travel Laundry Detergent To Keep You Going

Below are seven unique ways to carry cleanliness with you. So the next time you are facing down a backpack stuffed with dirty clothes, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that clean clothes are not far away.

This travel laundry kit contains eight Woolite cold-water wash liquid soap packets and a one-size-fits-most sink stopper. With this kit, you can transform any sink, bathtub, or basin into a small little washing machine. Since the Woolite soap is made for cold water, you don’t have to worry about finding a sink with reliable hot water either.

This solution is compact and easy to throw into the front pocket of a backpack. The pre-measured packets take the guesswork out of how much soap you need to use in a sink. Keep it simple and keep it clean with this travel laundry kit.


If your biggest concern regarding dirty clothes is their scent, then these individual tide packets are a good option for you. They contain Febreeze odor control, which not only eliminates odor but works on stains as well.

This pack comes with six individual use packets, so depending on how long you will be traveling you can bring one, a few, or all of them! It is an Amazon Choice item, which means it is a tried and true solution. If you are worried about BO on the road, make sure you have a few of these with you.


If the thought of carrying around liquid packets or heavy detergent powders doesn’t appeal to you as they might leak all over your luggage, consider these travel laundry detergent sheets. They may look like dryer sheets, but each individual ply contains enough travel laundry detergent for a full load of laundry.

Just drop a sheet into the machine you are using, and press start. These sheets work in warm or cold water, and they are super light and easy to transport.


If you are really looking to save space on a long journey, forget the individual soap packets and the travel laundry detergent sheets, and opt for this super concentrated travel liquid detergent instead. This TSA carry-on compliant little bottle is so concentrated, it is good for dozens of loads of laundry. One Amazon reviewer said that for one to two items of clothing, she only needed a few drops of this detergent!

It is biodegradable, phosphate and paraben free, and has a light green tea fragrance. If you are planning a long trip and don’t have a lot of packing space, make some room for this little bottle and you will be able to easily wash your clothes on the go.


If you are looking for a more natural solution to laundry on-the-go, these berries from the Sapindus tree are a great solution for you. When these berries touch water, they give off a soapy residue that rivals top travel laundry detergent brands.

They work in a sink or a washing machine, even high-efficiency machines. This pack comes with ten ten once packets, so they are easy to throw in your luggage to take with you. If you are allergy prone or just try to live naturally, this is the travel laundry “detergent” for you.


If you are looking for efficiency while doing your laundry on the road, then these 3-in-1 laundry sheets are the right solution for you. Just one sheet in your washing machine acts as detergent, fabric softener, and static control. It is compatible with standard and high efficiency washing machines.

They are unscented. One Amazon user reported that they work well for hand washing in the sink. If you want all of the benefits of detergent, softener, and static control without carrying three items with you, this is the travel solution for you!


Bonus Mobile Laundry Solution – a Mobile Washing Machine!

Amazingly, this little bag is a mobile washing machine. The bag itself is small and compact, weighing only 5 oz. To wash your clothes, simply fill the bag with water, add your clothes and detergent, roll the top down and click it in place, deflate the superfluous air, and agitate the bag manually to wash.

Once your items have been laundered, just rinse your clothes in a sink and hang to dry. Once the bag is emptied, it can be repurposed as a dry bag. All you need to get clean clothes on the road is this bag and one of the travel laundry detergents listed above.


Final Thoughts: Travel Laundry Detergent

If you are planning a long trip or want to pack light for your travels, make sure you have a plan to wash and reuse your clothing. Any of the travel laundry detergents listed above are a fantastic, easy way to carry cleanliness with you. And if you’re looking for additional items to keep you clean, be sure to check out our post on travel towels. So plan ahead, stock up, and stay fresh!

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