Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Absolutely anyone can travel. There are opportunities out there for every budget, time allowance, risk seeker, and foodie. What truly separates any old Joe on an airplane from a seasoned and experienced traveler is the amount of preparation that goes into it.

An expert traveler has tips, tricks, and products that can turn a lengthy and uncomfortable journey into something luxurious and thrilling. The average explorer may not even know what he is missing out on, which is why we have compiled a list of absolutely essential travel accessories that a lot of people don’t even know they need. We challenge you to try these travel items you didn’t know you needed.

Planes can be chilly, drafty places, which is a challenging environment to sleep or even get comfortable in! This fleece jacket is lightweight yet warm and is soft and cuddly. All in all, it is super comfortable. It has a great sporty style to it, so you can look stylish while simultaneously feeling like you are in your pajamas.

It has several zippered pockets, which is fantastic for holding your phone, earbuds, and travel documents. The snap-closed turtleneck and attached hood provide comfort and a modicum of privacy on a long flight or train ride. It comes in three neutral colors, so you can mix and match it to anything in your wardrobe.

With this go-to travel garment, you can keep your things secure and organized while remaining comfortable and stylish. What more could you ask for?


Nothing is more stressful than a diminishing battery, especially when you are far away from a reliable outlet. This power bank is an essential accessory for anyone who plans on being away from home for more than a night. It is slim, inconspicuous, and holds 3.5 charges for an iPhone 8, two for a Galaxy S8, and multiple full charges for other phones and tablets.

It comes with a micro USB cord for charging and a little mesh bag to hold it all in. Anker is a respected and reliable brand. One reviewer reported that they have bought multiple products from Anker and been happy with each purchase. The next time you are stuck on a long flight or in a busy terminal with no available outlet, you will be grateful that you’ve got this little guy in your carryon.


Planes, trains, and automobiles are loud. Sometimes in order to zone out, focus on a book, or catch some Zs, you need music. If you want to listen to music comfortably, consider investing in these super comfortable headband headphones. Instead of nesting in your ear like an earbud, they sit around your head like a sports headband.

They also connect to your phone via Bluetooth and can softly play your favorite music to drown out the less-than-melodic din of the travelers around you. They charge via USB cord and the electrical device can be separated from the headband for machine washing. So the next time you travel, slip these on and enjoy some tunes in full comfort.


It is important to stay hydrated while traveling. But for many, the thought of paying $5 for a Dasani every time you go through airport security is sickening. Instead, bring one of these refillable water bottles along and fill it up in at a water fountain once you are through TSA.

This water bottle is a particularly fantastic choice since it is collapsible and easy to pack. The leak-proof lid is rigid, but the body of the water bottle will roll up and clip to the lid, reducing the empty bottle to a fraction of its size when it is full. It comes in four color options and will fit in almost any standard cup holder or bottle sleeve. Bring along one of these and never pay for some overpriced bottled water again!


If you have flown at all in the past ten years, you are familiar with the 3-1-1 rule. Every passenger is allotted 1 quart-sized bag of liquids, all of which must measure under 3oz each. Instead of using a zip lock bag every time you fly, invest in this clear toiletry bag that is fully compliant with the TSA’s regulation.

This way, you can reduce your use of disposable bags, while still following the rules of the sky. Fill up this little bag with your face wash, lotion, scents, and other liquids, and you can fly both with style and with environmental considerations in mind.


A travel towel may seem unnecessary. Most planes provide blankets, and most hotels provide towels. But throw this compact little towel in your bag and you will be surprised by how often you use it. This can be used as a towel, a blanket when you’re chilly, or a picnic blanket in a pinch.

It rolls up into a cylinder about as wide but just slightly taller than a can of soda. It comes in seven fun colors. This is one of those things that you won’t realize you need until the moment you need it, at which point you will be extremely grateful for it!


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