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Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall Travel Wear For Women

Fall is right around the corner, and that means a few things. First, pumpkin spice is going to start creeping its way back onto menus everywhere. Second, back-to-school blues are striking students across the nation. Third, a cool breeze is beginning to become present during the day and is definitely sneaking its way into our nights. Overall, the temperature is dropping and coziness is becoming paramount.

A huge part of preparing for fall is a fall wardrobe. Something between the light layers of summer and the bulky coats of winter sits a category of clothing that will keep you warm, but not hot. The items listed below will help you to transition your style from summer to fall before you have to completely cover up for winter. Alternatively, if you’re traveling to somewhere a little cooler, these pieces are sure to keep you comfortable without adding bulkiness.

So grab some hot cider, start thinking about your Halloween costume, and bundle up in the clothing items listed below.

Fall Travel Wear For Women: Wander Agio Women’s Fashion Long Shawl Big Grid Winter Warm Lattice Large Scarf

This giant shawl can be worn over your shoulders, or as a traditional around the neck scarf. It is made of a super soft cotton that will feel great against your skin. At 79” x 23”, it is definitely large enough to keep you warm! The plaid design is rustic and autumn-inspired, and the colors are neutral enough to match anything in your wardrobe that isn’t neon.

This is a great piece to throw in your car or workbag. If a warm autumn day turns into a chilly afternoon or cold night, then you can use this layer to truly transform a warm outfit into something more appropriate for cool weather.

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Fall Travel Wear For Women: Amandir Pack of 3 Women Wool Socks, Cute Animal Cartoon Casual Socks

Casual loafers and sporty sneakers have been all the rage this summer – but what happens to that fantastic footwear come fall? It might be too chilly to wear your favorite pair of shoes sockless, but that doesn’t mean that they have to go back in the closet until spring. These stylish little wool socks can transition any close-toed summer shoe into an appropriate choice for fall.

The block coloring and cheeky cat design mean that they are meant to be visible, so there is no need for your ankles to suffer in the face of fashion. The wool these are made up is super soft, breathable, and durable, and will keep your feet comfortable and warm all day long! So pick up a pack of these adorable socks and make a statement with them.

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Fall Travel Wear For Women: STYLEGAGA Women’s 150 Denier Thick Footed Tights Pantyhose

A good pair of leggings or tights can be the difference between feeling chilly and feeling cozy. It doesn’t matter if you are layering them underneath a dress, some shorts, or even under your pants as long-underwear – a comfortable pair of tights can make all of the difference. The bold, opaque color can transform a summer dress into a key fall piece, and the thickness of the material will keep you warm.

These tights come in 13 neutral colors – from white to black, so you can choose whatever base color works for you. When the temperature drops there is no need to ditch your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts, just layer them up with these tights and keep wearing them!

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Fall Travel Wear For Women: Enjoybuy Womens Cable Knit Cardigan Sweaters Hooded Open Front Buttons Closure Outerwear

When it is too cool for a t-shirt but too warm for a coat, there is a small window of weather that is perfect for sweaters! This chunky cable-knit sweater is a true fall classic. Throw it on top of a t-shirt, button-down, or dress to transform your warm weather pieces into something you can wear all throughout the fall!

This sweater has a hood, a classic button closure, and a warm and fuzzy lining that will make you feel like you are wearing your pajamas out in public. It comes in five neutral colors, which means you can layer it on top of pretty much anything. With two large pockets, you can carry pretty much anything with you. So grab this sweater and never shiver again!

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Fall Travel Wear For Women:

Boots are an incredibly practical footwear item in cool weather. The closed-toe keeps your feet protected, and the extra material keeps your ankles and lower shins warm. In winter, you will need a heavy-duty water-proof boot, but in fall, you have a little more freedom. This minimal little ankle boot is the perfect piece of transition footwear.

Not as cool as a sandal or loafer, but not as stifling as a riding or snow boot, these classic little booties scream fall. The body is leather and the sole is rubber, and they come in an astounding 40 color and pattern options. Pick up a pair of these boots to pair with skirts, dresses, or jeans, and you will feel warm without being hot.

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Fall Travel Wear For Women: Woolrich Home Rough Rider Blanket, Red

This blanket may not be a part of your fall wardrobe, per say, but it will definitely be a part of your fall experience! This beautiful, red and black plaid blanket measures 50 x 60”. That makes it the perfect size for a throw to leave on your couch, or for a fall picnic blanket to leave in your car.

The classic style and color will make you think cozy thoughts, whether you are enjoying some hot chocolate on a porch or enjoying some cheese and wine in the great outdoors. Woolrich is a trusted brand that makes great products, so it is hard to go wrong with one of their blankets. It is a heavy, warm fall blanket that can turn nearly any situation into a cozy fall moment. Once you own it you will wonder how you ever went without it!

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Fall Travel Wear For Women

Don’t despair when the temperature starts to lower. Instead, enjoy the warm sunshine, the cool breeze, and the chilly nights with your brand new fall wardrobe. You don’t have to stick to a hoodie (though we understand if you’d want to). With these items, you will look good, feel great, and definitely be prepared for anything autumn throws at you!

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