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A Portable Shower For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

One of the unsung luxuries of your home or a hotel is the humble shower. If you have ever spent time camping, you understand how after about two and a half days, a shower can shift from a daily hygienic chore to an extravagant delight. So if you plan to spend some time outside, you may want to invest in a portable shower so that you can carry the ability of ablution around with you, and never again suffer greasy hair and sweaty, bug spray covered skin.

Below we have outlined the best portable shower heads/tanks, and the best privacy tents for your portable shower. So stock up and soap up – there is no reason to be dirty when spending time in the great outdoors!

The Best Portable Shower Heads/Tanks

This camp shower consists of a 5-gallon bag that heats the water inside through solar power. It has a strong, reinforced handle that you can hang from a tall tree, and the on/off valve on the showerhead makes it easy to start and stop showers without having to take the bag down after every rinse.

Amazon users report getting about three and a half showers out of one bag. The fact that the water reserve is a bag and not a jug means that this shower can collapse down to fit into your luggage. This is a simple, inexpensive way to bring a shower with you on the road.


This shower system includes an 11-liter tank, a 7-foot hose with spray nozzle, a foot pump, and a carrying case. Amazingly, it packs down to 8.5” x 5.5” and weighs only 1 lb and 6 oz. To use it, unpack it, fill it with water, and use the foot pump to generate a steady stream of water that will flow continuously for five to seven minutes.

The tank is insulated and will heat water via sunlight and keep it warm for hours. It even comes in three fun colors. This is a great shower solution if you are staying at a rustic campsite. It is compact, light, and easy to transport even over a short hike.


If you are not a fan of wrestling with water bags and unstructured tanks that collapse on you as soon as you start to fill them, then this portable shower is the right decision for you. The two-gallon tank is hard plastic and can be filled with hot or cold water. The attached spray nozzle has seven different settings and can provide a pressurized spray continuously for up to three minutes.

This kit isn’t collapsible, but with an attached handle it is not difficult to transport. This is a great option for a beach trip so that you can avoid getting sand all over your car.


This showerhead is unique in that it does not come attached to a tank. That means you can drop it into any sink, bucket, or kiddie-pool filled with water, and via the battery-operated power, enjoy a continuous flow of water. This flow will last for up to one hour on one charge.

The showerhead has an attached suction cup, which makes it easy to attach to a flat surface for hands-free convenience, and the system recharges via USB. This is a great solution for a quick overnight or weekend trip, as you can get several showers out of it with just one charge.


The Best Privacy Tents For Your Portable Shower

This collapsible, lightweight tent requires no assembly. Just remove it from its carrying case and let it unfold into a 75” x 47” x 47” privacy tent. If you are camping in a large group and want a private place to shower, this is a great way to create a private vestibule without having to try to affix a sheet to a tree or carry around a large, second tent.

It has a mesh top for ventilation and good visibility, and an interior pocket to store personal belongings while showering. This is easily the quickest, simplest way to create a private, comfortable space for a shower.


This shower tent is not supported from the ground up, but rather, from the top down by hanging from a tree or crossbeam. It measures 30” x 72” x 30” and comes with a heavy-duty storage bag so that it is easy to transport.

It even has a built-in water tank if you do not want to carry around a separate showerhead/tank system. This is a great solution for anyone hiking in the woods with numerous options for hanging your privacy tent.


If you are looking for a more vintage-inspired changing room/privacy tent, this option will definitely make you feel like you just stepped off of an old-timey boardwalk. It measures 87” x 47” x 47”, and comes with its own carrying bag. It looks luxurious, but is actually simple to set up, and is a fantastic option for any and every beach trip.


This tent is quick and easy to set up but offers a more spacious interior than some of the other options on our list. It measures 5’ x 5’ x 6.75’. The roof is ventilated which is great for light and moisture. It is a significant and spacious piece of equipment, so it isn’t great for trips that involve a lot of hiking with heavy gear. But if you have reserved a drive-up campsite, this is a fantastic option for a shower stall, a changing room, or a mobile bathroom.


The next time you plan to spend time away from the joys of modern plumbing, make sure you’ve got a portable shower with you. A showerhead, water tank, and privacy tent are all you need to keep just as clean as you do in your own home. Don’t forget your towel!

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