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Top Bathrobes To Make Your Travels More Relaxing

There is something so easy about a bathrobe. Whether you are trying to get cozy, cover up your pajamas, or just look slightly more presentable before wandering into the kitchen, bathrobes are a fantastic, comfortable option.

It may seem like overkill, but I actually own a few bathrobes. I have a cozy one to use at home, after a shower, or when I’m feeling chilly in the fall or winter. If you prefer, you can even purchase a robe made of towel material to help dry you off after a shower or bath.

I also have a lightweight one that I travel with. A robe is a great thing to have with you if you will be sharing your lodgings at a hostel or even at a campground. I have a fancier robe that works more as an outfit with my nicer pajamas. If I have guests staying with me and want to be relaxed without looking sloppy, I pull out the fancier option.

Below are some great robe selections in a few different categories – comfortable, towel, lightweight, and fancy – with an option for men and women. With one or more of these robes in your closet, you will be more than prepared to stay comfy and cozy, no matter where you are!

Comfortable Bathrobes:

For Women: Towel Selections Women’s Fleece Cotton Terry-Lined Water Absorbent Bathrobe

This robe is practically guaranteed to keep you warm on those super chilly mornings. Fleece is a great, lightweight insulator, and the terry-cloth lining will even try you off after a shower! If you just want to curl up in front of the TV or with a good book during a lazy night in or an even lazier morning, this is a fantastic choice. It is machine washable and dryable, comes in a variety of sizes, and even offers 10 great color options.

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For Men: Men’s Fleece Robe by John Christian

This robe is made of 100% polyester fleece, which will keep you warm and cozy without making you overheat of sweat. It comes in a soft blue color in a cozy plaid design – a classic design for men’s bathrobes. If you are looking at a night or day in and want to be warm and cozy, this is a great pick. It is machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes.

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Towel Bathrobes:

For Women: Turkuoise Women’s Turkish Cotton Hooded Robe

If you are looking for a robe that dries you off immediately after a shower, bath or dip in the pool, this is the robe you have been looking for. It is made of super-soft, super-absorbent terry cloth on the inside and outside. The hood will even help dry off wet hair. It comes in four neutral colors and is durable and eco-friendly.

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For Men: Towel Selections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono

This robe is made of soft, absorbent 100% cotton terry cloth, which is sure to dry you off quickly and comfortably after a swim or a shower. It is machine washable and easy to care for, just like your favorite towel. It comes in eight different color options and is the perfect medium-weight robe that will keep you warm and dry after a brush with water.

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Lightweight Robes Suited for Travel:

For Women: Etopstek Women’s Soft Lightweight Kimono

If you plan on taking a trip with shared lodging or plan on visiting a spa during your time away, a lightweight robe is a great thing to have with you. This robe is made of soft, lightweight material, and while it may not keep you super warm, it will keep you covered and modest in a hotel, swimming area, or spa. It comes in three neutral color options, and will hardly take up any space in your luggage.

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For Men: FADSHOW Men’s Lightweight Cotton Waffle Bathrobe

This piece is made of a super lightweight blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is semi-absorbent, which makes it a great choice for the pool or a spa. The material is soft, yet thin, so it will be comfortable and will pack nicely into your luggage. It comes in three neutral colors and is a great option for anyone looking to cover their bathing suit or pajamas during some time away from home.

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Fancy Robes:

For Women: Gusuqing Women’s Printing Peacock Kimono Robe

If you are looking to make a style statement with your cover-up, this is a fantastic piece to have in your closet. Whether you are getting ready for an event with friends (i.e. a wedding) or just looking to appear put together as you prepare breakfast for out of town guests, this robe is stylish, yet comfortable. It comes in a whopping 13 different color and print options.

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For Men: Aibrou Men’s Satin Robe

This robe does a great job of looking luxurious without looking like something Hugh Heffner would have worn. It is nicely tailored and is practically guaranteed to look classic and fashionable over pajamas. If you want to look comfortable, yet put-together, this is a fantastic option. It even comes in 4 classic colors for you to choose from.

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So whether you are looking to stay at home, stay warm and dry, travel somewhere far away, or look good in your casual wear, one or more of the robes on this list can help you achieve your comfort goal. Make sure to pay attention to the material your robe is made from and what the care instructions are. You too can stay cozy and looking good!

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