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The Best Travel Neck Pillows for Flying

Have you ever dozed off on a flight only to wake up minutes or hours later with an intense neck cramp? It doesn’t matter if your head titled forward or to the side, an unsupported head means surefire muscle agony for the hours or even days following your descent.

Fortunately, there are solutions. The humble neck pillow is incredibly effective for providing support for sleepy travelers. But just like anything, not every travel neck pillow is created equally. When it comes to air travel, there are three important components to consider when it comes to travel neck pillow purchases:

  • How easy is it to transport the neck pillow?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is it supportive?

Below are 6 neck pillows, organized by their defining features. So the next time you anticipate catching 20 winks on a flight, grab one of these bad boys and enjoy the total absence of a post-flight neck cramp.

Easily transportable travel neck pillows:

With luggage real estate at an all-time high, choosing something that is easy to transport is a must. Below are the best 2 transportable neck pillows on the market today.

Trtl Pillow

This pillow doesn’t look the neck pillow I can guarantee you are picturing in your head. This “pillow” is actually a wrap scarf with a hidden inner rib that contours to your neck, and provides support while you sleep. Since it is primarily made of fabric and not stuffing, it takes up much less space than a more traditional travel neck pillow. It is immensely popular, achieving a high rating.

If you are dually concerned about luggage space and neck support, this is the solution for you. Buy it now.

Self-Inflatable Daydreamer Neck Pillow with Built-in Pump

This travel neck pillow is for travelers with serious luggage concerns. In it’s deflated state the entire pillow can fit into the palm of your hand or in the water bottle sleeve of most backpacks. It inflates in under a minute via an easy-to-use air pump, and the micro-velvet cover ensures a comfortable surface for your neck and face.

Order this pillow now to save packing space and to avoid awkwardly gasping for air as you blow up an inflatable pillow with your lungs. Buy it now.

Comfortable Neck Pillows:

If you’ve got a long haul flight ahead of you, comfort is likely going to be your top priority. These two pillows are so comfortable that you are almost guaranteed to show up at your destination feeling rested and refreshed.

Travelrest ALL-IN-ONE Premium Travel Pillow

This pillow is definitely not a good fit for travelers with space concerns. But what you lose in seat space you more than make up for in coziness. Unlike the standard u-shaped pillows on the market, this travel neck pillow sits on one shoulder and extends all the way down on to your lap. The idea is that you tilt your head to the side and hug the pillow to sleep. The pillow itself is inflatable and comes with a plush cover.

If you are looking for a sleeping experience that mirrors sleeping at home on your side, this is the solution for you. Buy it now.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This award-winning neck pillow is lauded for its high-quality memory foam and overall comfort for plane travelers. It is large but comes with a drawstring tie that allows you to hold it in place around your neck or around a piece of luggage.

When really sleeping well is your biggest concern, this is the pillow to use. Buy it now.

Supportive Neck Pillows:

For some, plane travel will never be comfortable outside of first class. The best you can hope for then is simply a lack of discomfort. These two pillows offer outstanding neck support so that even if you don’t actively enjoy your flight, at least you won’t be physically strained upon landing.

The Daisy Travel Pillow

With its unique shape, this pillow certainly isn’t a space saver. It features the standard neck pillow u-shape, but with an extra protruding plushy section meant to cradle your head as you tilt to the side. Amazon reviewers assure shoppers that it works well for middle and aisle seats, making your in-flight nap-time easier than ever.

So if you are concerned about head flopping when you are sitting away from the window, this is the pillow for you. Buy it now.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

This neck pillow is actually a complete circle, which automatically makes it stand out from its u-shaped counterparts. It is great for fidgety travelers who often have their head flop forward, back, and side to side. It is billed as the best chin-support pillow on the market, with high reviews on Amazon.

If you never know quite which way your head is going to roll, this is the pillow for you. Buy it now.

Many choices

There are hundreds of travel neck pillows on the market today designed to fulfill any and every consumer need. Avid travelers may want to own more than one travel pillow for varying travel situations. For your first purchase, I would recommend identifying which feature is the most important to you. Then you can make a selection within that category.

Happy travels and sweet dreams!

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