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The Best Electric Toothbrushes on the Market Today

It is crazy to think about, but electric toothbrushes have been around since the mid-1950s. That means that people have been able to avoid manual brushing for more than a half a century. It’s no surprise that electric toothbrushes have continued to grow in popularity.

Taking care of your teeth with an electric toothbrush has many advantages over manual brushes. Electric toothbrushes have been proven to remove more plaque, support a longer, more thorough brushing, and can help keep you from brushing too hard.

But which brush is right for you? Before you make the investment in an electric toothbrush and sacrifice another outlet in your bathroom, it’s important to figure out what you want to gain from an eclectic toothbrush.

Below we have outlined the best electric toothbrush for different needs, based on the best value, the toothbrushes with the best features/services, the toothbrushes that offer the overall best clean, and the best toothbrushes for travel. Let’s take a look at each category and the advantages of the toothbrushes in each one.

Best Value:

The Oral B Pro 1000

Best Electric Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush is inexpensive but has two key features that mean it should not be ignored. First, it has a built-in 2-minute timer, which ensures that you are spending the proper amount of time on your teeth. Second, it has an extensive line of replaceable toothbrush heads.

I know a lot of couples that share one electric toothbrush, but each has their own head. This is a great toothbrush to do that with since there are a wide variety of inexpensive replacements. The charge is reported to last up to a week with 2-minute brushings twice a day.

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Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush is very economical. It features both a 2-minute timer and color in the bristles that fade away when it’s time to replace the head. This battery is reported to last up to two weeks with twice a day 2-minute brushings.

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Best Features/Services:

The Goby Toothbrush

best electric toothbrush

This brush is great for the absent-minded among us. It includes the regular features of an electric toothbrush, like a 2-minute timer and a rechargeable battery, but it has the added benefit of a new head subscription plan. If you subscribe through the Goby website, Goby will send you a fresh toothbrush head every 1, 2, or 3 months based on your preferences. Getting that automatic package in the mail will be a great reminder to ditch your old toothbrush head and start using a new one, something that dentists recommend everyone does at least every three months.

Buy it directly from Goby for $50, or $65 with the subscription.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush is incredibly high-tech. It comes with its own Smartphone app. The Position Detection uses facial recognition to help you know where you’ve brushed, so you never miss a zone. The Customizable multicolor SmartRing provides real-time visual coaching on brushing time and pressure.

The pressure sensor technology automatically slows brush speed and visibly alerts you to protect gums from over-brushing. If you are one of those people that hates brushing their teeth or feel like you can never get every spot, this is the brush for you.

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Best Overall Clean:

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush truly comes with it all. Not only will you be getting a Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush, which features a two minute timer and sonic technology that helps remove plaque from your teeth, but you will also be getting a water flosser, which has been proven to clean between the teeth and under the gums better than traditional floss. The only downside to this product is the fact that a few users report that the waterpick is loud.

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Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ rechargeable electric toothbrush

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush oscillates at such a high frequency, that it creates a sonic force that blasts plaque without the brush actually needing to touch the tooth. It is highly recommended by dentists and is proven to improve gum health within just two weeks of use. It is on the pricier side, but for the level of clean you are getting, is well worth the price tag.

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Best Electric Toothbrush for Travel

Phillips Sonicare Battery-Powered Toothbrush

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush is slim and light-weight, and since it is battery operated you won’t need to lug a charger and cable with you. The toothbrush still has a built-in 2-minute timer and quick oscillation, ensuring that your pearly whites stay pearly white even on the road.

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Violife Slim Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Home or Travel

best electric toothbrush

This toothbrush is the most basic of any on the list. It doesn’t even have a built-in timer, but at only 1.9oz it is the slimmest and most compact on the list. Most users say they wouldn’t use it as their primary toothbrush, but it’s a great item to keep with your travel toiletries to use on the road.

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There are many options to fit different lifestyles and budgets. If you care about dental care, make sure you find the best electric toothbrush for you.

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