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It’s Always Tea Time With A Travel Tea Infuser

Nothing is better on a cold morning than a piping hot mug of tea. Whether you enjoy black tea, green tea, or herbal, almost every tea fanatic can agree that a properly brewed cup can warm you up, improve your mood, and satisfy a craving. Preparing the perfect cup while traveling may seem like a daunting task, but with the right travel tea infuser, you can enjoy your favorite brew from practically anywhere.

There are two types of travel tea infusers – tea infusers that are built right into their travel tumbler and stand-alone tea infusers that can be dropped into any mug. But whether you prefer a tumbler infuser or an independent one, there are a few important things to consider. Mainly, can it be easily transported? Can it be cleaned easily? And can it be stored easily? Below are our three favorite travel tea mugs, and our three favorite standalone tea infusers.

So figure out whether you want a mug, or a small little tea infuser, grab your favorite tea, and hit the road!

The Best Tea Infuser Travel Tumblers

This tea mug helps you control the number of tea leaves used, and the time spent steeping with an elegant, twisting valve design. To use this mug, open the filter size and set your tea leaves or a tea bag, then screw on the top. Flip the mug upside down, open the drinking end, and pour in your hot water. Once your tea has steeped enough, twist the bottom of the mug so that the brewed tea can no longer steep with the leaves, and enjoy your tea brewed to your enjoyment.

If your least favorite part of drinking tea is figuring out how to discard your tea bag, then this mug will eliminate that problem for you! The bottle is double layered, so it will not feel hot in your hands, and it will stay insulted for longer than a single-walled bottle. It even comes with an included carrying case so that you can store and transport your mug easily and safely!


This insulated water bottle is stainless steel on the inside, and bamboo on the outside. It is vacuum insulated, so your tea will stay warmer for longer. The natural exterior will give it a unique, stylish look. The inside of the tumbler includes a two-piece detachable tea infuser and strainer so that you can fill up the basket with loose-leaf tea, and drop it into the inside of the tumbler.

With the lid screwed shut, your tea can steep securely while you go about your travels. When you are ready to enjoy your tea, just pluck the infuser out and drink directly from the tumbler. If you want a stylish way to enjoy tea on the go, this natural looking, easy to use tumbler is a fantastic solution for you.


This double walled, glass tumbler will keep your beverage hot or cold for up for more and an hour and a half. It comes with a screw-off bottom piece that can either be used for loose-leaf storage, or as a mug to sip your tea from. To use this tumbler, simply add your loose-leaf tea to the main tumbler compartment, and add hot water.

There is small, stainless steel strainer that sits above the pouring/drinking spout that strains the leaves out of your tea before you drink. Considering that it is difficult to remove loose leaf tea from the main compartment once steeping is completed, this tumbler is better suited for herbal tea fans. They can let the leaves sit in their tea for lengthy amounts of time. If you want an elegant way to transport herbal tea, brew it, and strain it into a mug, then you should purchase this item since it offers all three capabilities!


The Best Independent Travel Infusers

This tea infuser consists of a stainless steel little basket with two extending arms that can balance on the rim of your mug. You can drop your favorite loose-leaf tea into the basket, and dunk it into the mug of your choice. Once the tea is steeped to your desire, lift the basket out of your mug and set it aside.

Stainless steel is very easy to clean. All you have to do to keep your infuser sanitary is dump the used leaves and wash the strainer. This infuser is particularly well suited for travel. The balancing arms fold down along the body of the basket, and the entire thing fits snugly into a plastic carrying case. This makes it easy to toss this infuser into your bag or backpack. The lid of the carrying case even doubles as a drip tray for when you pull the strainer out of your mug.


These cute little tea infusers resemble disposable tea bags. If you are a fan of dropping a tea bag into your mug and swirling it around to get the tea steeping, these are a fantastic reusable option for you! These little infusers are made of silicone, which makes them durable and super heat resistant.

To use the infuser, just pop the bottom off of the tea bag, fill it with your loose leaf tea, and snap it back into place. Washing them is simple and easy. They are so small that you will hardly notice them in your purse or backpack. One pack comes with six infusers in six fun colors. You can spread the joy of tea with whomever you are traveling with.


These spoon straws are actually tea strainers, not traditional tea infusers. To use them, simply drop your loose-leaf tea directly into your mug. Then use this straw to sip your tea. The strainer at the end of the straw will filter out all of the loose bits. You will wind up with a mouth full of filter tea!

With their unique shape, they are easy to store in the pen section of your bag or backpack. That will save on packing space and enable the use of other beverages. This is another infuser that is good for herbal tea fans, since the leaves cannot be easily extracted from your mug without dumping all of your tea.


So grab an infuser, pack up your favorite tea, and hit the road. If you liked this post, you should check out our related post on the best Contigo mugs.

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