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Game Ready Tailgating Gear for Fall 2019

Autumn is just around the corner, and for a lot of us, that means one thing and one thing only – tailgate season is back! The American tradition of setting up informal barbeques, games, and hang-outs in the parking lot before a sporting event is a fantastic way to bond a sporting community, discuss the game, and spend some time outdoors before a turn in weather makes that impossible.

If you plan on attending any tailgates this fall, make sure you have some warm clothes, cold beer, and a snack set up that everyone in the lot will envy.

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In order to have a killer tailgate, you will need some equipment. Below is a list of tailgate essentials that will help ensure that you will have a fantastic fall.

Tailgating Gear: Tailgating Table-Collapsible Folding Camping Table with Insulated Cooler, Food Basket, and Travel Bag for Barbecue, Picnic & Tailgate

The most essential part of any tailgate is the snack food. The stadium food is overpriced and the lines are long, so it’s only good sense to snack up before you scan your ticket. This handy little collapsible table can hold a bucket of ice for cold beer, a bowl for of chips or pretzels, and even has four cup holders for your open beverages.

Set up is as easy as pulling the table out of its slim holder and unfolding it. The insulated cooler even zips shut which will keep your drinks cooler for longer. Your parking space will be the envy of everyone at the tailgate, so make sure you bring enough food and drink to share.

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Tailgating Gear: Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

If chips and beer aren’t quite enough for you, bring along this portable grill to heat up some burgers and hotdogs. An instant-start button ignites the grill without a match or a lighter, and the burners can be controlled over two different temperature zones. You can even switch out the grilling surface for a griddle or a stovetop grate.

The entire grill folds into a more compact size for transport, and it can be wheeled along via a large handle. There are two trays on either side of the cooking surface to hold prepared food. You can keep grilling while you feed the masses! This compact little grill is a great way to make yourself a hot meal on a chilly fall day before watching your favorite game.

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Tailgating Gear: Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs Carry Bag Heavy Duty

A tailgate got its name from the tailgate of a truck, which can be pulled down and used as a seat. If, however, you are looking for somewhere more comfortable to park it, or if you perhaps don’t drive a pickup truck, then make sure you’ve got this petite camp chair with you. It all fits into a small little bag about the size of your forearm, so it will be easy to transport around.

To set it up, you simply shake out the support legs (which are connected together with a bungee cord like a tent) and stretch the mesh seat over it. Within seconds you will have a lightweight, super durable little chair that you can bring with you anywhere. There is no better way to enjoy the environment of a tailgate than with a cold beer and a slightly reclined chair. Grab one today and enjoy the fall!

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Tailgating Gear: GoSports Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss Game Set with 6 Rubber Bolos, Carrying Case and Score Trackers

If the music, the food and drink, and the sports talk aren’t enough to keep you entertained before the kickoff, then bring along this simple little yard game for hours of entertainment. To play, set up the ladders facing each other at a reasonable distance. Grab three of the rubber bolos and toss them towards the opposite ladder.

You get one point for hooking it on the top rung, two points for the middle rung, and three points for the bottom rung. The first person to 15 points wins. Set up is simple. Simply piece together the ladders and you are ready to go! This game is great for children and adults alike. Just be careful you don’t get so into it that you skip the professional game entirely.

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Tailgating Gear: Down Under Outdoors Premium Large Waterproof, Windproof, Quilted Fleece Stadium Blanket

If you prefer a picnic set up to tables and chairs, make sure you’ve got this large stadium blanket in your trunk. One side is durable and waterproof, which makes it perfect to set against the ground. The other side is a cozy fleece, which will help keep you warm on a chilly day.

This blanket is useful both during the tailgate and during the game. It is a great buffer between you and the ground, you and a freezing metal seat, or even you and the elements! The entire blanket fits into a compact carrying case. A small zippered pocket on the outside is a great place to store a cell phone or keys.

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Tailgating Gear:

A good cooler is the most basic of tailgate supplies, so you might as well invest in a nice one! This soft-sided cooler collapses into a smaller size when not full. That makes it easier to store, plus the wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport. It has a 42-can capacity and can easily keep your food and drink cool for hours.

The seams are heat-welded to prevent leaks, and the extra storage space in the front pocket and side mesh pockets means you will always be able to transport what you need. So grab your drinks and snacks and wheel this cooler (or one of our alternate coolers) right into your favorite tailgate.


Tailgating Gear Summary

Have a great fall and a great tailgate with these fantastic products listed above. Your spot will be the envy of all of your neighbors. Get ready to make some friends and to cheer on your favorite team as a community!

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