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Say Yes To A Crossbody Bag for Travel

Everyone who travels understands the importance of having a good bag. For some, it’s the perfect four-wheel suitcase. Others have a well-fitting backpack or purse that they cannot live without. Whatever your preference is, the desire to hold all of your valuables and creature comforts in one, well organized, and stylish place is close to universal.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the cross-body bag. I feel secure knowing that someone cannot easily pull it off of my shoulder, and I can access my things without having to take the parcel off of my back or pick it up off of the ground. Cross-body bags sit right at that intersection of secure and functional. No matter who you are, there is a cross-body bag out there for you. Below are our top 5 picks. Maybe your new travel companion is linked below!

Which Crossbody Bag For Travel Should You Get?

This bag is not only stylish but insanely secure as well. We have all heard the horror stories of people having the bottoms of the bags slashed open so the interior contents spill out, or of someone else failing to notice the person next to them on the train is slyly unzipping their bag and helping themselves to any credit cards or valuables.

This bag took all of those stories and urban legends into account and designed something that combats every one of them. The bag has a slash-proof front and bottom panel, along with a slash-proof shoulder strap. There are a half dozen credit card sleeves along with a passport compartment, all of which are RFID-blocking.

The zippers lock closed, so no one can sneakily pull them, and the bag is water resistant. If a thief tries to cleverly splash you to get you to pull out your passport and money, you can just smile and move on. This bag is a decent size, so while I wouldn’t count it as a piece of luggage, it could definitely hold everything you may need for a daylong outing. It comes in 20 different color options, and with its sleek body and design, no one would guess that you are basically carting around a fortress.


This bag has a totally different style and is great for anyone with more of a sporty aesthetic. It looks like a backpack, but instead of featuring two shoulder straps it has one crossbody strap. The bag can be worn behind your back, or across your front body, which is a great thief deterrent.

It has three main front pockets, a water bottle sleeve, and a semi-secret back pocket that sits right against the body. This pocket is great for holding a passport and other valuable documents. The crossbody strap has a built-in cell phone pocket, with a small access point for headphones.

The whole bag measures 18.5” x 12.5”. While it’s not oversized, it can still fit a good amount of things. This could also easily be used as a personal item on a flight. It is made of durable, water-resistant polyester, and comes in 4 great color options.


There is no doubt that Travelon owns the anti-theft bag market. Like our previous entry, this bag features slash-proof compartments and shoulder strap, locking zippers, and RFID blocking card sleeves. The major difference between this bag and the first one on our list is personal style and organizational preferences.

This bag offers more of a boho look and has more external pockets. It has a front-zip compartment and two top compartments, along with two side sleeves, which are great for water bottles or umbrellas. If you are a fan of keeping your things separate to stay organized – maybe your documents in one compartment, toiletries like sunscreen and lip balm in another compartment, and entertainment devices like a cell phone and e-reader in a third compartment – this is the bag for you.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the external water bottle sleeve. I like to carry water with me, but I’m always paranoid that the top won’t be screwed on tight enough and that it will leak all over the inside of my bag. This cross-body design accounts for that. It comes in 6 neutral colors and is made of water-resistant material.


The messenger bag is classic and iconic and a great choice for anyone looking for a good crossbody bag for travel. This bag is pretty large, with measurements of 16” x 5” x 13”. It can easily fit a laptop computer, a charger, maybe a few books, and plenty of documents and creature-comforts.

The large interior pocket is divided into two main sleeves, and also has a smaller zipper pocket. The exterior features two front-facing compartments, a somewhat hidden back zip compartment that sits against the body (great for your cell phone and passport), and two smaller size compartments.

The canvas is sturdy and can hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear, and the buckles are hefty and rustproof. The shoulder strap is wide, which is comfortable for wear, and adjustable, so you can wear it short or long. Your color options are Coffee or Khaki, both of which are neutral and offer a casual, yet polished look.


This bag has a super unique design. It is described as a backpack, but I am more inclined to call it a cousin of the backpack. It has just one should strap, which means the bag can sit comfortably on your back. But it is small and thin enough to be worn across your chest or along the side of your body.

No matter where you choose to wear it, it is slim enough to sit right against your body for security and stylish enough to look like a bold and interesting fashion choice. It has a large main zipper compartment, along with three front compartments.

It even comes with a convenient little loop on the strap that you can string your earbuds through to prevent tangling. The material is splash proof and durable, and it comes in a neutral grey that can easily be dressed up or down.


With your hands-free, you’ll be able to take more photos (and even print them). Travel safe and keep your belongings close at hand.

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