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Safety Accessories For Solo Travel: What Should I Bring With Me?

Traveling is a fantastic hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Solo traveling, specifically, can help you to get in touch with who you are. It can help you to discover strengths, interests, and priorities. It is absolutely something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her life.

Solo traveling can feel like a spontaneous, freeing experience, but the reality is that quite a lot of planning and consideration goes into most trips. One thing that every solo traveler really has to consider is safety. You don’t have someone else with you watching your back and providing a second set of eyes and some additional judgment.

Safety Accessories For Solo Travel

Instead, you have to rely completely on yourself. Fortunately, there are ways to augment yourself and the safety of your surroundings in order to ensure that you come back from a solo trip safe and sound. If you are considering some solo travel, make sure you are fully prepared for everything that may come your way with these safety accessories for solo travel.

When you travel alone you lose that security of someone watching your back. Instead, watch your own back with these stylish rear view sunglasses! From the front, these sunglasses look like your standard aviator.

From the inside, you have a reflective coating that displays a mirror image of what is happening behind you. With these inconspicuous little lenses, you can always stay abreast of what is happening behind you, without looking like an overly paranoid person turning around all the time. Absolutely no one, from pickpockets to muggers, will be able to get the drop on you as long as you are wearing these!


A good practice for anyone visiting a less-than-safe location is to have a decoy wallet. If you carry a decoy wallet with some expired credit cards and an incidental amount of cash and then store your active credit cards and real cash reserves in a hidden wallet, you don’t run the risk of losing everything if someone robs you.

It is never smart to resist a robbery at the risk of the criminal escalating to something violent. Instead, hand over your decoy and calmly get somewhere safe knowing that everything you need is stored in this low profile pouch. Women can secure the pouch right to their bras, and men can loop it around belt loops and tuck into the inside of pants. This is a great way to keep your valuables separate and secure no matter where you are.


Hotel and hostel locks are great, but sometimes don’t offer complete peace of mind. If you are concerned about flimsy locks, or less-than-trustworthy stewards with access to a set of master keys, then eliminate your risk by bringing your own door lock with you! This portable Masterbolt fits right over the door closure (between the door and the door frame), and prevents the door from being opened from the outside.

For anyone worried about their safety while they sleep, this is a fantastic way to keep any unwanted visitors out of your space. One reviewer described the extra peace of mind it offers, stating that it was easy to use and very strong. They even tested it by having a roommate try and get in but it did not budge.


A good tip for any traveler is to keep a hard copy and a digital copy of scans of your important documents. Everything from your passport to your tickets home should be scanned and stored in your email. If you are traveling to a place without reliable Internet access, then you should keep your important documents saved on a USB stick.

This USB stick can be worn around your wrist and is therefore always on your person. This safety accessories for solo travel essential looks like a fancy pedometer, which means no one will look twice at it. It just might save your butt in the event of a robbery. The next time you take a trip alone, do some digital preparations and keep your important materials on hand!


Another aspect of personal safety is the ability to administer first aid in moments of emergency. The solo traveler shouldn’t go anywhere without a compact first aid kit. Preparedness is important, and this little kit contains everything you may need to help you with cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

This kit contains a first aid guide, scissors, tweezers, vinyl gloves, a rescue whistle, sting relief pads, antiseptic towelettes, alcohol prep pads, and so much more to help you to tend to any and every first aid emergency. The hard case keeps everything contained and makes the entire kit easy to pack. The safety accessories for solo travel that come in this kit will leave you prepared.


If worst comes to worst during your solo trip and you find yourself in an emergency situation, use this alarm whistle to alert others of your situation. The look of this whistle is sleek and stylish, so you can easily incorporate it into your outfits as a necklace. But as a whistle, it will make a sound that is loud and jarring enough to let anyone around you know that something bad is happening and that they should call for help.

The whistle is made of H62 brass and is acid pickled to protect against scratching and oxidation. With this whistle close at hand, you will never be truly alone during your travels alone!


Safety Accessories For Solo Travel Summary

These safety accessories for solo travel will hopefully keep you safe and help prevent a bad situation. Remember to be respectful of other cultures and aware of your surroundings. Solo travel is rewarding on many levels and may even change your life. Exercise caution like you would anywhere else and you should be fine.

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