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The Best Passport Holder For You

When you are traveling abroad, your number 1 priority should be keeping your passport safe. Bankcards and belongings can be pretty easily replaced – but a stolen or damaged passport means lengthy brushes with international bureaucracy, which is nearly guaranteed to mess with your planned time away.

A great way to keep your passport safe and easily accessible is with a passport holder. Some are designed to hold all of your travel documents, others are designed to be slim and inconspicuous. Below are our top choices for passport holders. The first four are stylish and meant to help with organization. The next four prioritize safety and security.

So decide what type of trip you plan on taking, pack your bags, and make sure you have a good passport holder with you!

The 4 Best Stylish Passport Holders

This passport holder is more of a travel portfolio. It has sleeves for domestic and foreign cash, credit cards, ID, boarding passes and reservation confirmations. If you have a slim case on your smartphone, you may even be able to slip that into the zipper pocket of this portfolio. When folded, it looks like a sleek leather envelope, but when opened, contains everything you may need for an international vacation.

If you are not concerned about pick-pockets and like to keep all of your documents in one organized location, then this is the holder for you! It even comes in 30 different color options.


If you are a fan of the wallet-style passport holder, but don’t need anything robust as the above, then this is a great passport holder for you. It folds in half like a book, and on one side holds your passport. On the other side is space for just a few cards, a small amount of cash, and maybe one boarding pass.

It can easily be opened with one hand to display your passport to airport security, and is slim enough to hold in a breast pocket or in a small purse. This holder is sure to keep you looking sleek and organized no matter where your travels take you!


If you are traveling with a child or a less-than-organized significant other, then this two passport holder is a great way to keep everything organized and in place. The portfolio is slightly larger than a standard passport, but the extra space it will take up in your bag is worth it since it can hold two passports, boarding passes, several credit cards, and cash.

It even has a space for a pen so that you will not have to go searching for one when it comes time to fill out your international declaration forms. This portfolio is sure to keep you and your travel companion organized and on the same page.


If you do not want to carry a ton with you during your travels, then this slim little passport sleeve is a great option for you. Instead of operating like a book or envelope, this leather sleeve has a single pocket that will just fit your one passport, and then just three exterior sleeves that can fit two credit cards and a minimal amount of cash.

This holder is a great way to keep your passport inconspicuous and safe, along with allowing you to transport your key travel card and maybe a few other items like a local metro card and a reservation print out. If you are traveling solo, or just prefer not to carry too much with you, then this is a great holder for you.


The 4 Best Secure Passport Holders

If you are concerned about security during your travels and prefer to keep your passport on your person, then this slim little passport holder necklace is a great way to do that. The lightweight holder is made of strong, waterproof nylon, and comes with a slim cord that allows the holder to be worn under your clothes.

In addition to a large pocket for your passport, it has slimmer pockets for credit cards and cash. The entire thing is RFID blocking, which prevents illegal scanning of your passport and credit cards. At only 0.8oz, you will barely even notice you are wearing it at all.


If you are not a fan of wearing something around your neck, but still want to keep your passport and other vital documents on your person, then this waist pack is a great option. It is super slim and made of ripstop nylon, and consists of two zipper pockets. With this belt, it will be easy to keep your passport, some cash, and your primary credit cards safe under your clothing.

It is even large enough to hold a smartphone if you don’t mind a slight bulge around your waist. The back panel of the belt is made of breathable mesh. The waist strap is elastic and adjustable, ensuring a comfortable wear.


If you want to keep your valuables close to your body, but are not a fan of adding a waist pack to your outfit, this belt loop pouch may be a good solution for you. This passport holder sits right on your beltline and will be impossible to remove without someone removing your belt entirely.

It can fit a passport, smartphone, and several credit cards and cash. It is not RFID blocking, so be wary of scanners. But it is still is a great solution for anyone looking to keep their belongings close without adding a strapped holder to their person.


This product is marketed as a belt pouch. But the snapping, adjustable belt loop could just as easily be attached to a bra, undershirt, or something within your suitcase. It is a simple, single pocket design, but snaps closed to offer security. This passport holder is made of soft, comfortable material, so you will not mind wearing it right against your skin.

It comes in both black and nude, which blend nicely with most clothing. If you want a simple, comfortable way to keep your passport and vital travel documents safe, then this is a great solution for you.


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