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How To Travel In Style For Women

Back in the day, people used to dress to travel. Back when elastic waistbands were unheard of and “Sunday’s Best” was still a term that was thrown around, dressing up to board a train or a plane was common practice.

Today, people are much more casual. Airplane seats have shrunk, and with travel being more frequent, we seem to have collectively decided to travel in comfort rather than style. But does that mean you have to completely sacrifice your outward appearance in favor of actually enjoying your flight? Absolutely not!

There are clothing items out there that can keep you looking and feeling good. Here are our suggestions for how to look nice while traveling, while still kind of feeling like you are in pajamas.

Travel In Style For Women Outfit #1: Athleisure

The athleisure industry, popularized by high-end fitness brands like Lulu Lemon and Nike, is a current trend that allows you to wear high-end workout clothing in public. One day in yoga pants and you will understand why everyone is excited to wear their gym clothes outside of the gym – it’s so darn comfortable!

The sporty-look is in. This is an easy way to fly-in-style without sacrificing comfort. Let’s face it, you may never go back to wearing actual pants again. This travel in style for women outfit is comfy and still on trend.

Travel In Style For Women Pants: ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

These pants are the definition of athleisure. They are stretchy and offer some compressed tummy control. The added benefit of a side pocket makes them great for travel because it allows you to keep your phone or wallet close at hand. They come in dozens of colors and look good on bodies of all shapes and sizes.

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Travel In Style For Women Top: JollieLovin Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Fit Flare Hem T-shirt Tunic

This basic t-shirt is super comfortable, stylish, yet modest. The fitted top and loose-fit hem give you shape on top and coverage on the bottom. It is nice to have some wiggle room in your clothing when you travel, and this t-shirt will give it to you. If you aren’t comfortable wearing such tight pants without some coverage, then definitely opt for this shirt since it is long enough to cover your booty without looking like you are trying to hide anything.

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Travel In Style For Women Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Fashion Sneaker

These slip-on shoes are sporty and convenient. You can easily slip them off at security, or slip them off under the seat in front of you! The two-tone color is classic and clean, so there is really no way to go wrong. They perfectly encapsulate the athleisure vibe, since they are technically sneakers. I just don’t recommend doing intensive sports in them.

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Travel In Style For Women Outer Layer: Mojessy Women’s Floral Print Classic Bomber Jacket

Planes can get chilly, so it is always smart to bring an extra layer. This jacket is sporty and comfortable, while still offering a unique and memorable element of style. The pattern pulls together the neutrals in the rest of your outfit into a pop of color, making you look cool and ready to hang out at the juice bar at the gym. With this jacket topping off your athleisure look, you will be looking great and feeling comfortable, no matter what your final destination is.

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Travel In Style For Women Outfit #2: Smart But Casual

If you aren’t into the athleisure style, you can still be comfortable while looking smart. Stretchy jeans, oversized sweaters, and classic camis never go out of style, and neither will you when you put together a smart casual outfit for your next flight.

Travel In Style For Women Pants: Earl Jean Women’s Mid Rise Stretch Skinny Angle Jeans

These classic five pocket jeans are made of super stretchy fabric. They will look like a standard trouser but feel like something out of the athleisure department. They are slimming and come in three, classic colors. This is the chic yet practical base that every smart casual outfit needs.

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Travel In Style For Women Top:

This lightweight tank is breezy and roomie, making it the perfect lightweight layer to travel in. In black or white, you really can’t go wrong. The fabric is soft and the fit is forgiving. Paired it with the tight pants from above, and you will strike a nice balance between tailored yet cozy.

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Travel In Style For Women Shoes:

These slip-on loafers give you a little bit of a lift for a casual, yet elevated look. They will be easy to take off and put back on at security, while still giving your outfit a polished look. Comfortable shoes aren’t always great to look at, but these shoes are the exception to that rule.

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Travel In Style For Women Outer Layer:

This sweater will keep you cozy and warm. It is the perfect layer to pull together your smart casual look. It has the added benefit of pockets to quickly store your phone or wallet in as you navigate the airport, and it comes in five light and delicate colors. With this over top of your jeans and cami, you will look smart and put together with very little effort.

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Travel In Style For Women Summary

So whether you are taking a long flight or a short puddle-jumper, it is always nice to look your best. Fortunately, that does not mean uncomfortably stressing and stuffing yourself into some constricting clothes and even more constricting plane seat. The outfits suggested above feature stretch material, loose fits, and slip-on shoes while still offering elements of class and style.

Decide if you want to look trendy or smart, and pick up your soon-to-be favorite travel clothes today!

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