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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are horribly annoying and annoyingly common. If you wake up in the morning with a patchwork of small red bites, then the tiny, wingless insects are probably to blame. Most bites will heal within a week or two with a topical cream, oral antibiotics, or corticosteroids if you have a severe allergic reaction. But if you are (like most people) really freaked out by those little bloodsuckers, then prevention is the name of the game. Below are several products that can help you prevent bed bugs.

If you are not a fan of chemical treatments or anything in your home that children or pets might ingest, then this ultrasonic plug-in is the perfect solution for you. This device emits a powerful, ultrasonic frequency that is silent to you and your pets but is highly irritating to spiders, bed bugs, insects, and rodents.

This little device is effective for an area up to 550 square feet. But note that it cannot go around corners or through hard, solid, surfaces like heavy furniture. If you live in a large home, you will probably want to invest in a few of these for any highly trafficked areas. This super simple, chemical-free pest prevention solution is more than worth sacrificing one of your outlets for!


If you want continued protection against dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens, this box spring cover is a great solution for you. It is made of a smooth, stretch-knit surface that hugs tightly to your box spring. You won’t have to worry about it sliding around underneath your mattress.

Note that it will not provide 100% protection. It is designed for a box spring and not a mattress, which leaves your mattress exposed. But offering fewer access points for bed bugs and other pests can help prevent bed bugs. The zipper on this cover has such fine teeth that little bugs cannot penetrate it.

Bonus: it also provides protection against liquids and stains. This is truly a set-it-and-forget-it solution, offering continued protection against mites without much hassle or up-keep.


If you are a fan of cover-up based protection but don’t want to stop at just protecting your box springs, then consider these super tight-woven 100% cotton protectors. The covers zip closed so that they completely cover your pillow. They are quality checked, lab tested and made in the United States.

The pore size of these pillows is a mere 3-4 microns across, which is too small for dust mites, bed bugs, and other small pests to infiltrate. You can cover your pillows with these protectors then put your preferred pillowcase over that for a comfortable, pest-free sleep! This is a great way to prevent bed bugs so you can rest easy knowing that your home is clean and bug-free.


If you are worried about bed bugs crawling up into your bed from the floor, invest in these traps and you can prevent bed bugs almost entirely. Each pack comes with 4 traps that sit right underneath your four bedposts. The outside of the trap is rough, which is easy for bed bugs to climb up. The inside is incredibly smooth, rendering them unable to climb back out.

The traps are durable, large, and strong, so that they might fit under nearly any bed or couch without risk of breaking. The traps are also bright white, which will make the trapped bed bugs super visible. If you are wondering whether or not you even have pests, these traps are a great way to find out. This is a simple, chemical free, ongoing way to prevent bed bugs for any major piece of upholstered furniture in your home.


This bio-based insecticide is dermatologically safe and a great product to use if you already have bed bugs. It will kill all stages of bed bug adults, eggs, and even resistant strains. It is safe to use directly on your mattress and box springs, and the treatment will last for fourteen days. Depending on your infestation, you may need to do more than one treatment. But you can rest easy knowing that this product is effective.

The manufacturer even advertises that a Rutgers University independent study found that “…EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills 100% of bed bugs. In the same study, EcoRaider also was the most effective among all products in killing bed bug eggs.” This is a great treatment and way to prevent bed bugs in the future.


If you are really, really intense about bed bug protection, and aren’t worried about looking silly, you should invest in these pajamas. These PJs cover every inch of you, from your hands and feet to your head and face. They are made of a breathable polyester/cotton blend, so if the sensation of sleeping in a hazmat suit doesn’t bother then you, then this is a great solution for you!

In all seriousness, if you are staying in a less-than-sterile hotel or hostel, or if you have significant pest allergies, then this is a viable solution for you. I would just suggest using the restroom or grabbing anything you might need before you suit up for bed. This way to prevent bed bug bites is definitely a unique solution.


Prevent Bed Bugs With These Products

The items listed above are only some ways to prevent bed bugs. Hopefully one of the above solutions will keep your bed clean and your skin bite-free. The best way to get over a bed bug infestation is to prevent it entirely. With the products listed above, you should be able to do so easily! Be sure to check out our tips for preventing mosquito bites.

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