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How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Traveling is a fantastic hobby. You get to see the world, experience different cultures, try new foods, and overall just shake up your normal routine. Traveling is always better when you are feeling your absolute best. As anyone who has ever gotten food poisoning, been motion sick, or just contracted a general illness while away can attest to, nothing can kill your travel joy faster than getting sick during a vacation or trip.

How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling: Tips

A mere head cold can leave even the most seasoned traveler longing for their own bed. The best way to avoid vomiting into an unfamiliar toilet, turning green on a ferryboat on the other side of the world, or sneezing onto strangers on public transport, is prevention.

The key to prevention is being pro-active. Several days before you travel, make sure to start:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Getting plenty of restful sleep
  • Avoiding antibiotics (they will weaken your immune defenses right before encountering a bunch of foreign bacteria)
  • Being skeptical (don’t eat somewhere new or questionable, use your hand sanitizer like a boss, and avoid new or dirty areas)

If that doesn’t feel like enough, below are several products that can help you to keep your spirits and your immune system high, so that you can feel your best wherever you wind up!

These little tablets contain a blend of Vitamin C and 13 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. To use them, simply drop the tablets in 4-6oz of water, and enjoy the effervescent, lemon-lime beverages. Begin your regime a few days before travel, but take care to not drink more than three airborne waters a day.

The additional vitamins and minerals in your system will heighten an immune response, making it more difficult for viruses and bacteria to penetrate your system. These are great tablets to bring traveling as well since they aren’t liquid and therefore are not a part of the TSA 3-1-1 rule. You can pack the dry tablets as-is, and then find some water to dissolve them in at the airport or at your final destination. This is a fantastic solution for anyone looking for a strong preventative solution for the days before they start traveling.


If you want an easy way to keep your hands clean while you travel, these Purell hand sanitizer packs are a great solution. Soap and water isn’t always easy to come by during your explorations, and this is the next best thing. Individually portioned and packaged amounts of hand sanitizer mean that with just a quick tear of the packaging, you can administer the perfect amount of alcohol-based sanitizer to your hands.

These are particularly great because they are slim and compact, so there is no need to carry around a small bottle. They will even fit in the credit card sleeve of your wallet. You can pack a few dozen in your suitcase, then just bring a few individual packets around with you during the day. Keeping a few of these in your wallet at all times is a great way to keep conveniently clean.


Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) is one of those magic substances that can moisturize, lubricate, and create a thin barrier between yourself and bacteria. Doctors recommend using Vaseline on the inside of your nostrils to prevent nosebleeds, but the same practice can also prevent the inhalation of bacteria. If you are going to be sitting on a plane, train, bus, or in any other contained environment with strangers who host unknown viruses and bacteria, then make sure you are protected by putting a thin layer of Vaseline on the inside of your nostrils.

This product is advertised as lip therapy, but it works just as well as a bacteria barrier. The compact size makes it easy to throw into a purse, backpack, or pocket so that your preventative health measures don’t take up too much of your packing space. If you are nervous about contracting an illness for a fellow passenger, this is a great way to prevent it.


Not all travel-born ailments are bacteria related. Blood clots are a huge concern for anyone sitting on a long flight. It is recommended that travelers taking to the sky for extended periods of time take care to get up and move around a bit to keep blood flow in the legs going.

But another easy way to prevent blood clots is to wear compression socks. These socks come all the way up to your knees, and can be comfortably worn underneath most pairs of pants. These socks are easy to pull on and are made of a comfortable, breathable material that won’t make you overheat. These are a great solution for anyone worried about vascular health who doesn’t want to stop globe-trotting!


Another irritating but sometimes quite debilitating travel ailment is jet lag. Sometimes, you can land in a new time zone and feel great for hours before unexpectedly falling asleep over lunch, or developing a massive headache. For anyone jumping time zones, consider purchasing this small, effervescent tablet. It contains the active ingredient Pycnogenol, a natural bard extract.

It also contains various vitamins which will boost both your energy and your immune system. One reviewer described her experience using this product while traveling. She said she was able to tour London after not sleeping on a long redeye flight. She went on to describe how she went to bed normally and woke up at a decent hour. This allowed her to enjoy her trip. If you are afraid of time-zones getting you down, make sure you’ve got a few of these.


How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling: Summary

Prevent illness through healthy eating, proper sleep, and staying hydrated. Using one of the above products can help take that prevention a step further. By investing in some budget-friendly tools and living well, you can expect to have an enjoyable adventure. Be well and travel often.

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