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Hostel Must-Haves For the Frequent Traveler

Hostels are incredibly popular among frequent travelers. They exist all over the world, are generally inexpensive, and are a great way to meet new people and find new things to do in a foreign city. Hostel accommodations can range from a single bunk bed in a large open dorm with a shared bathroom, to a private room with a private bathroom (not unlike a hotel).

Hostels almost always include some common hang-out space, with many offering free breakfast and basic bar services. If you plan on traveling for a long time, you are bound to spend a few nights in hostels. Even if you aren’t traveling for an extended period of time, a night in a hostel is something everyone should experience at least once!

Hostel Must-Haves That Are Perfect For A Hostel Stay or Two

One thing that many hostels lack is amenities. Unlike a hotel, hostels offer the bare minimum to travelers in order to save on costs. Some hostels don’t even provide sheets! If you want to enjoy your hostel stay, there are a few essentials you will absolutely need to have with you. So pack up, reserve your bed, and get ready to be the most ballin’ person in the dorm room!

Hostel Must-Haves: MCAMTOA Sleeping Bag Liner, Antimicrobial Soft Travel Camping Sheet with Zipper on the Bottom

These days, most hostels do in fact, provide sheets. But whether or not those sheets are up to your standards is another question entirely. If you aren’t a fan of sleeping on used sheets that have been laundered within an inch of their lives, bring along your own set so that everything sitting right against your skin is clean and comfortable.

This low-profile sheet sack is billed as a sleeping bag liner, but it can easily be used on its own. It is made of 100% polyester fiber fabric, which is breezy and comfortable. This hostel must-have measures 35” x 83”, which will give you plenty of space to relax in. It folds down into a small little pouch, making it easy to throw into your luggage. This is an obvious choice for hostel living.

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Hostel Must-Haves: Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillow

If you aren’t a fan of sleeping on questionable sheets, you probably won’t be a fan of using a questionable pillow either. This inflatable travel pillow solves that problem for you by functioning as a personal headrest that when deflated, can fit right into the palm of your hand! When folded and stored in its travel pouch, it measures a mere 5” x 2”, but inflates to a luxurious and super comfortable 16” x 12” x 4”.

It is ergonomically designed with enhanced neck support, which pretty much guarantees you a good night’s sleep. It can be inflated within a minute, and deflated in seconds for quick set up and break down. This is a great way to bring your own linens with you, without sacrificing a ton of luggage space.

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Hostel Must-Haves:

If you are staying in a hostel dorm, you are bound to wind up competing for outlet space. Everyone has devices that need to be charged, and it is unlikely that there will be enough real estate for everyone. So bring along a space-saving solution in this 3-in-1 USB charging cord. With just one USB port, you can charge three devices.

The cord offers two micro-USB connectors, and one lightning connector for Apple devices. It is also four feet long, which means you can claim a hard-to-reach outlet with ease. The nylon braiding adds strength, while simultaneously distinguishing your cord for the rest floating around the dorm. This is a great way to save space and set yourself up for success, even in a communal living situation.


Hostel Must-Haves: RainLeaf Microfiber Towel – Fast Drying – Super Absorbent

Another amenity that isn’t always a given in hostels is a towel. Sometimes you will be provided with a bath towel, sometimes you have to rent them, and other times they just aren’t available at all. Never let that be an issue by bringing along with a fast-drying sham towel.

You will enjoy quite a bit of absorbency in this small, compact bath towel. This towel comes with an easily packable storage container that lays flat in your luggage. The towel has a corner snap closure that makes it easy to hang to dry. It comes in seven fun colors, so you can pick which one speaks to you.

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Hostel Must-Haves: Master Lock Steel Cable Gun Lock Keyed Different Padlock

Whenever you stay in a space with strangers, you have to be a bit more careful with your things. This steel cable lock from Master Lock can be used to secure a locker or to secure your luggage right to your bed. The cable is 14 inches long, which gives you a lot of versatility. It isn’t as bulky as chain locks so it will be easy to fit into your luggage.

It is secured with a key rather than a code, so make sure you keep that key safe and on your person. Otherwise, you can explore a new city, grab a quick bite, or catch some Zs without worrying that your items will be lifted from the hostel dorm. Travel smart, travel safe, and keep your items secure!

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Hostel Must-Haves: Babo Care Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold with Free Ear Plugs

If you are a light sleeper, then sleeping in a hostel might be challenging for you. Most hostels have designated quiet hours, but people will still be moving around the dorm, entering and exiting, and having whispered conversations all throughout the night.

This silk sleep mask with included earplugs will help you to block out all of those distractions so that you can have a restful night’s sleep. The silk material and easy-to-adjust headband will feel luxurious against your face, offering you a good night’s sleep no matter how busy your dorm may be.

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Whether you travel solo or in a group, hostels are a right of passage for any serious traveler. So pick up these items and turn a budget experience into a luxury experience. Happy travels!

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