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Get Rid of Motion Sickness With These Tips and Remedies

People who have never experienced motion sickness can never relate to the phenomena. They ask “what do you mean, you’re sick?”. They want to know if it is a headache, nausea, maybe a pain – they never quite get it. People who do experience motion sickness have a grim understanding of the queasiness.

Sometimes it only takes one jerking motion of the car, train, plane, or boat to make your brain feel as if it has detached from the inside of your skull. Sometimes your stomach flips over, sometimes you break out in a cold sweat, but no matter what, motion sickness always carries an uncanny feeling that your body is screaming “STOP IT!”

Ways To Prevent or Get Rid of Motion Sickness

Unfortunately for the motion-sickness sufferers among us, the only way to truly prevent motion sickness is to stay in one place. That means no travel and no adventures. If that is too cruel a rule, then there are some preventative measures you can take:

  • Don’t drink alcohol while traveling.
  • Avoid large meals before long trips.
  • Don’t read while you are in motion. If your eyes are always searching for the next word while a vehicle jostles you around, you are bound to get sicker, quicker.
  • Open a window or the overhead ventilation system if you can.
  • Focus on something far away on the horizon.

Get Rid of Motion Sickness With Products

If those little tips and tricks still don’t work for you, there are some more drastic measures you can take. Below are five products that you can find right on Amazon that promise to either prevent or treat the symptoms of motion sickness. Don’t let the dizzies keep you down. Instead, develop some coping mechanisms and keep exploring!

This little canister contains a combination of spearmint, peppermint, ginger, and lavender. To use it, simply uncap and breathe in the aromas. This combination of scents promises to immediately ease the queasiness associated with motion sickness.

This solution is completely safe and natural – and you can take as many whiffs as you need to. It is small and discrete, about the size of a felt-tipped marker. You can easily keep it in your purse or pocket. This is a great solution for anyone who is reticent to take drugs, but who still wants relief from the worst of their motion sickness.


This is another natural motion-sickness treatment. But instead of inhaling the oils, you stick a patch directly on your skin. These discrete little patches can sit either on your navel or right behind your ear, and you can use one to two depending on how bad your sickness is.

You should put it on ten minutes before travel, but the effects can last 1-3 days. Again, if you are not a fan of taking pills, but still want something that works consistently (i.e. doesn’t require you to do something every time you feel a wave of nausea, but instead provides consistent relief), then these patches are a good solution to get rid of motion sickness.


With these bands, you don’t have to ingest anything. The bands are worn around your wrists and utilize acupressure. They sit right in a particular spot that eases feelings of nausea and should be in place before your journey begins. As long as they are in place, they will be effective to get rid of motion sickness.

They come in a cute little plastic case so that you can keep them together in your luggage. It may not seem like a viable solution, but many people rely on these bands for any kind of nausea. With their low price, they are definitely worth a try.


This company’s mission is to “offer a drug-free relief for nausea associated with motion sickness and morning sickness”. The ingredients include organic ginger juice and ginger powder, organic pineapple juice, B vitamins, organic lemon juice, and organic cayenne.

It only takes one gulp to experience immediate relief, with everyone from pregnant women to seasick travelers extolling the helpful qualities of this blend. There are no preservatives, so this is a totally natural solution. You do not need to worry about refrigeration (until you open the package). This is a great solution for anyone looking for an easy, natural fix to get rid of motion sickness.


When all natural remedies fail, you can always turn to the tried-and-true pharmaceutical that combats the effects of motion sickness. One of the most popular remedies to get rid of motion sickness, these tablets should be taken thirty to sixty minutes before travel begins. One to two tablets should be taken every four to six hours to keep your symptoms at bay.

The active ingredients are Dimenhydrinate (50 mg) and Phenylketonurics (contains phenylalanine 0.84 mg) per tablet. These chewable tablets are great if you are on the go since you won’t need water to take them. If you are looking for a reliable, fast-acting solution, then these tablets are a good choice for you.


Get Rid of Motion Sickness Summary

So the next time the thought of a plane, train, or automobile turns your stomach, remember that there are steps you can take and supplements you can have at the ready for whenever you are feeling less than your best. We’ve provided a couple of solutions to have in mind. Keep one of the above products in your toiletry bag, and you will never have to feel the awful spinning feeling again.

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