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Which Travel Toothbrush Will You Bring With You?

Maintaining good hygiene while on the road is vitally important to remaining healthy and confident. As anyone who has ever spoken to someone with bad breath can attest to, un-brushed teeth are the absolute worst. It may seem simple enough to throw your toothbrush and toothpaste into your bag and hit the road, but with travel baggage restrictions and carry on liquid requirements, it might actually be trickier than you think.

Fortunately, there are several fantastic options in the travel toothbrush department. You can keep your mouth clean and your bag light and compact, no matter where you travel!

Below are our 7 favorite travel toothbrush solutions. Pick one that works best for you, throw it in your Dopp kit or toiletry bag and keep that mouth clean.

An important thing to consider when packing a toothbrush is cleanliness. You don’t want to just throw and uncovered brush into your toiletries collection because the bristles are sure to pick up soap, dust, and any other residue your bag may be carrying. This travel toothbrush is great because it comes with a bristle cover built right in!

The brush folds in half, down into its own handle. This both protects the bristles from dirt and grime and makes your toothbrush a more compact thing to carry. If you want a travel toothbrush with a cover you absolutely cannot lose, this is the solution for you.


If you are a huge fan of the toothbrush you use every day and don’t want to settle for a sub-par travel version, these toothbrush covers instantly make your home brush travel-ready. The little plastic covers fit right over the bristles of your brush, which makes them easy and safe to transport without adding a lot of bulk.

They are ventilated. Even a wet toothbrush can be stored in them without worry. Each purchase comes with two, differently colored covers. This will help you keep track of which brush is yours. This is a great way to bring your brush with you in a safe, sanitary way.


If you want to keep your travel brush and your home brush separate, this standard-sized toothbrush with a matching cover is a good solution for you. Each purchase comes with two toothbrushes and two corresponding covers.

The covers snap over the entire brush, which does add a bit of bulk. But it ensures that your toothbrush is always clean and protected. Both the brushes and covers are stylishly designed and come in blue and pink. This is great for couples who plan to travel together.


If the idea of transporting a toothbrush grosses you out, which, let’s face it, can act as a bacteria magnet, these mini disposable toothbrushes are a great option for you. These one-and-done mini toothbrushes are not reused and therefore save you from worrying about sanitation or transportation. They even come with the toothpaste built right in!

The bottom of the brush sharpens into a pick, which can be used for a few days in place of floss. The pack available on Amazon comes with 24 brushes. If you are going to be on the road for a long time, or are maybe traveling with young kids you don’t want to have to transport small toothbrushes for, then this is a fantastic option for you.


If you are a fan of electric toothbrushes and don’t want to give that up while traveling, this super slim electric brush is a great option. It is powered by one triple-A battery, so you do not have to worry about bringing a charging cable with you.

To use the brush, simply remove the upper cap and hold on to the cylindrical base. The entire thing weighs only 2oz, so you will barely notice the extra bulk in your toiletry bag. With bristles that give you 22K brush strokes per minute, you never have to worry about sub-par oral hygiene on the road ever again.


These slim little toothbrushes also come with their travel carrier built right in. When packed, the bristle end of the brush sits inside a clear plastic cover. To use the brush, simply remove the brush from the cover, and snap the cover onto the bottom of the brush to create a full-sized toothbrush.

These covers are not well ventilated, so you will not want to store a damp brush here. But the lack of ventilation means there is less of a chance that your bristles will pick up dirt and debris. This pack comes with four travel brushes in different colors, great for family travel.


If you want to keep things simple and organized while on the road, this oversized toothbrush carrier is a good solution for you. The slim plastic case can fit both your full-sized toothbrush and a full sized toothpaste. Because of this, it can help to keep your toiletry bag compartmentalized and organized.

The case snaps tightly shut, so you will not have to worry about it popping open in transit. It will effectively keep your toothbrush clean and sanitary. If you are a fan of having everything organized, this is a good travel toothbrush solution for you.


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