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Our Favorite Travel Boots For Winter Excursions

Boots are an excellent footwear choice for travel. They are practical, stylish, and can be dressed up or down to suit nearly any occasion. With boots, you won’t have to worry about chilly ankles or sticky floors. Your feet will be protected as you traipse about the world – enjoying all of the brilliant experiences travel offers.

That being said, you are unlikely to find one universal boot that works well in all situations. The boots you wear out in Barcelona probably won’t be great on the Appalachian Trail, and the footwear you don in Iceland won’t serve you well in New Mexico. But luckily, with just a few pairs of boots, you can quite literally take on the world.

Below are our top picks for fashion boots, rain/snow boots, and hiking boots. With those three pairs of shoes, you should be ready for just about anything.

The Best Fashion Travel Boots

Boots can be dressed up or down, and a great pair of basic travel boots can really pull an outfit together. So whether you are out for a casual dinner in NY or shopping in Hong Kong, you can’t go wrong with the choices listed below.

For Women: Allegra K Women’s Stacked Chunky Heel Ankle Boots

These boots are a fantastic marriage of classic and modern. They are matte black and offer a chunky high heel that is both elegant and easier to walk in than the stiletto counterparts. The exposed zipper in the back brings the shoe into 2018, and the ankle-height ensures that you can wear these with pants, dresses, or skirts.

The boot itself is made of faux suede, which offers you the supple look of leather without the cruelty, and the rubber heal is sturdy and easy to walk on. The black color is as classic and foundational as they come. If you are daring, you can opt for the same boot in a rich burgundy color.

These travel boots will take you all the way from the plane to the theater without missing a step (pun intended).

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For Men: Steve Madden Men’s Jefries Combat Boot

These shoes toe the line between casual and elegant beautifully. The prominent seaming makes them look vaguely like a combat boot, but the ankle height and the dark brown leather make them look slightly more formal. They can easily be worn with jeans or a suit.

If you are looking for a comfortable airplane shoe that can also be worn out to dinner, then this is the way to go. It comes in dark grey or dark tan and consists of a leather body with a synthetic sole. These travel boots are essentially an elevated basic.

They are not over the top, but will still pull your entire look together in a pleasing and clean way.

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The Best Rain/Snow Travel Boots

Duck boots are an amazing invention. Waterproof and warm, they transition easily from rain to snow. If you are going to visit a location that has inclement or even downright wet weather, make sure you’ve got a pair of these in your luggage.

For Women: Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot

These boots are waterproof to just under the anklebone, which is great for anyone trudging through puddles and/or light snow. The rubber toe box and sole are sturdy and slip-resistant, and the laced upper portion can be tightened against your ankle to lock in warmth and lock out water.

Sperry is a trusted brand, so you can feel confident that you are getting a quality pair of boots that will last you for seasons to come. The boots themselves come in five different two-tone options, which allows you to select a pair that works with your wardrobe. Don’t visit the northeast United States in winter, Patagonia, or the Canadian Rockies without these boots in tow.

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For Men: Moda Essentials Revenant – 4 Men’s Duck Toe Snow Boots

The men’s version is a bit more rustic looking, which makes them a great option for anyone going after that outdoorsman look. The main part of the shoe is made of rubber and is completely waterproof, and the top leather part can be laced tightly and features an interior Sherpa lining.

These boots will keep your feet dry in the rain and warm in the winter. Any trip to the Pacific Northwest would feel incomplete without them.

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The Best Hiking Travel Boots

Hiking is an incredible way to explore a new location, get some exercise, and reconnect with nature. But hiking without proper footwear quickly becomes a lesson in self-inflicted torture. If you are hitting the trails, make sure you’ve got a pair of good travel boots strapped to your feet.

For Women:

These boots are heavy duty and are thus perfect for anyone looking to clock a few miles on the trail. They consist of full-grain leather and have a rubber sole. They feature techlite midsoles and are waterproof. The mesh tongue ensures breathability and the distinct red laces make sure you will stand out on the trail!

They are designed to be rustic and comfortable, keeping up with you after miles and miles of trekking through nature. It doesn’t matter if you are out for a day hike or are going on a week-long adventure, these shoes should be on your feet.

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For Men: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

These hiking boots are not joking around. They are made of premium full-grain waterproof leather and are constructed to keep feet comfortable and dry in any kind of weather. They are casual looking yet strong and can take you all the way from the Pacific Crest Trail to the caves of Vietnam. The more you use them, the more rustic they will look. So whether you are a hobbyist hiker or a serious survivalist, these boots will get you through it while looking good doing it!

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Now that you’ve hopefully found some fantastic travel boots, be sure to invest in some inexpensive gear to protect your shoes and your luggage.

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