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Essential Skin Care Products For Flights To Aid the Frequent Flyer

Flying is amazing. You can board a machine on one continent and climb off on another, just a few hours later. In order to be an avid traveler in our modern world, you really have to embrace the skies.

The drawback? A smattering of muscle cramps, motion sickness, and dry, stale air. I think every traveler will agree that the benefits outweigh the costs though, especially when those drawbacks can be curbed with some carefully selected travel products.

Prevent and Protect Your Skin With Skin Care Products For Flights

Dry, stale air combined with lack of sleep can do a number on your skin. Normally, no one looks good climbing off of a lengthy flight. If you want to look good the moment you touch down in a new location, invest in these skin care products to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best, even before you begin your initial descent.

Skin Care Products For Flights: Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Sheer Tinted Eye Roller

What area of the face is most likely to betray you after a sleepless night? The bags under your eyes. Dark, puffy eyes communicate to everyone that you have been sacrificing beauty sleep. After a long, cramped flight, your eye bags are guaranteed to be more pronounced than ever.

This mini roller from Garnier is meant to brighten you up. The roller is full of a mix of antioxidant vitamin C, caffeine, and tinted mineral pigments that will immediately conceal that problem area of everyone’s face. The micro-stimulating roller makes it easy to apply, and the slim profile of the product makes it convenient to pack into your carry-on luggage or even a pocket.

Everyone from avid travelers to beauty junkies cannot get enough of this product. Invest in one of the best skin care products for flights and take care of your eyes when up in the air.

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Skin Care Products For Flights: Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

Nothing wakes a person up more than a splash of water to the face. This water facial spray is a socially acceptable way to splash yourself with some water in public. The fine mist will boost your skin’s hydration, help to sooth sensitive skin, and even set make-up for anyone who decides to give themselves a mini-makeover after a long flight.

Mineral water spray helps to balance the ph of the skin without introducing the chemicals that can be found in some facial creams. One reviewer explained why she is a loyal customer of this spray, explaining that the bottle sprays evenly. After 8 years of using these bottles of skin care products for flights, she hasn’t seen it change into something less than worthy.

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Skin Care Products For Flights:

If you aren’t a fan of spraying yourself directly in the face, but are still looking for a boost of moisture following hours on a stale, dry flight, then consider this tiny tub of gel-cream face moisturizer. The hyaluronic acid helps to moisten extra-dry skin, and the creamer is oil-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free for a gentle boost of moisture.

The tub is only 1.7 oz, so it is well within the 3 oz TSA rule. It is small enough to pack away in a carry-on bag. The gel-cream has a nice texture to it that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, and you will feel the results immediately upon application. This gel moisturizer is a quick, easy way to revitalize your skin on the go.


Skin Care Products For Flights: Body Prescriptions Tea Tree Facial Wipes, Detoxifying+Moisturizing

If you are looking for a moisturizer with a little extra oomph, then definitely add these cleansing wipes to your carry-on! These cleaning clothes remove makeup, dirt, oil, or any sweat you may have accumulated during your flight. Tea tree is a beloved ingredient for its healing and antiseptic properties. If it doesn’t leave you skin slightly tingling, it will definitely offer a cooling effect.

These wipes also include chamomile and aloe vera, which are both soothing ingredients guaranteed to relax and revitalize your face after a long journey. This package of essential skin care products for flights will also moisturize, which means you do not need to carry both a cleanser and a moisturizer. A quick wipe with one of these at the end of a flight and you will be feeling good and looking great at your final destination.

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Skin Care Products For Flights: Bee Naturals Best Skin Cream Stick – Solid Form Hand Lotion

Skincare does not need to be limited to your face. If your hands get dry when you fly, consider investing in these skin crème stick that rolls right on to your hands for relief from dryness. It comes in a solid form like stick deodorant, which bypasses the TSA 3 oz liquid rule in your carryon.

The stick is made of simple, natural ingredients like olive oil, unbleached beeswax, and coconut oil. It works magic on your hands, but can be used for other dry areas as well like heels and elbows. The next time you fly, make sure you have this stick with you for instant dryness relief.

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Skin Care Products For Flights: EMILYSTORES Green Moisturize Soften Repair Cracked Skin Moisturizing Treatment Full Gel Jojoba Oil Vitamin E Spa Socks

If dry feet are your major problem area, then consider wearing these moisturizing socks the next time you fly. The gel socks help to keep your feet warm and moisturized, so that you do not have to worry about getting lotion all over the inside of your sock.

Wearing these during a long flight can be considered the equivalent of a mini-spa treatment! You will land at your destination with moisturized, softer feet. The socks are comfortable and effective, and an absolutely essential for the avid traveler who suffers from dry feet.

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