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Eco-Friendly Travel Ideas For Summer 2018

World travel is a fantastic hobby, but the associated waste can make the environmentally conscious among us crazy. Whether it is the disposable cutlery, water bottle purchases following TSA screenings, or disposable shopping bags, a lot of garbage can be generated from just a few days away from home.

If you want to keep your exploratory habits, but also want to sleep at night without worrying about that giant trash heap floating somewhere in the Pacific, then there are steps you can take to reduce, reuse, and recycle while on the road. It will require some upfront costs, but the first time you say no to a plastic water bottle, extra airline blanket, or paper cup for ice water, your conscience and your wallet will thank you.

Eco-Friendly Travel Gear

Below are seven products that will help you to reduce the amount of waste you create during your time away from home. Pick up one, some, or all of them, and start doing your part to live a more environmentally conscious life, including green travel!

TSA will not let you bring more than three ounces of liquid through security with you. However, you can bring an empty water bottle with you nearly anywhere! These vacuum insulated water bottles will keep your cold liquids cold and your hot liquids hot for hours at a time.

This manufacturer makes bottles in four different sizes and in 21 amazing colors. You can choose one to best suit your personal style. All you have to do is leave it in the water bottle sleeve of your favorite backpack and when you make it through security simply look for a water fountain instead of a convenience shop.

Every time you fly, you will be saving $2-5 on a disposable water bottle. Plus, that’s one less water bottle in a landfill or recycling plant. A water bottle is an eco-friendly travel staple. With the variety of options available, including filtered water bottles, you are sure to find something that calls to you.


If you aren’t a fan of those wasteful airline blankets, but still get chilly during flights, then consider this versatile scarf. In can be worn as a traditional scarf, or turned into an infinity scarf with the snaps that line the short edges of the garment. When completely unfolded, the scarf is roughly the size of a small throw blanket.

This eco-friendly travel item even features strategically placed slits that allow you to wear the garment like a shall. So when you get chilly, unsnap your scarf and cover-up. Then, simply wrap it around your neck on the plane and therefore saving a disposable blanket!


The next time you grab some take-out on the road, forgo the plastic wear and reach into your backpack for this reusable set of eating utensils. The convenient little travel box contains chopsticks, a fork, and a spoon, making it easy for you to cut back on the garbage you create when you dine on the go.

The entire kit weighs only 4.8 oz and is easy to transport and clean. Purchase these eco-friendly travel necessities, and you will be amazed by how much less waste you create wherever you go.


Part of your travel waste may be the soap, water, and energy you waste on laundry. Investing in a simple, quick dry t-shirt is a good way to stretch your travel wardrobe into a few days of wear, without looking shabby or smelling dirty.

This t-shirt looks like a classic top, but will actually keep you cool and dry, even on warm days. It comes in seven colors and definitely has a place in your wardrobe. So pack a few of these babies so that you can look sharp, feel good, and avoid laundry during your time away.


If you are a fan of drinking out of straws but don’t want to throw away a plastic one every time you enjoy a beverage, consider investing in these reusable straws. They are stainless steel and come with a small little cleaning rod, which ensures they stay sanitary across many uses. They can easily fit nearly anywhere in your luggage.

This eco-friendly travel item has many uses for a small price of an investment. It comes in sets of 8, which means you can keep a separate straw for everyone in your family! Plus, if you’re traveling to certain countries and states that have recently banned straws, you’ll have an alternative option.


If you enjoy coffee or tea on the go but cringe at the thought of disposable Styrofoam cups, bring a reusable mug with you! This beautiful, natural looking bamboo mug even comes with a silicone tea infuser that allows you to brew loose leaf tea without wasting a disposable tea bag.

It has a 98% spill-proof flip-top lid which makes it a great choice for flying or driving. Plus, it is 100% BPA free. One reviewer loved how the outside surface didn’t burn her hands, even after having it in her car during an Arizona summer.


One of the biggest wasteful habits during travel is collecting plastic bags. Anything from a water bottle purchase to a day of shopping can result in a useless collection of non-biodegradable plastic bags. Instead, consider bringing these collapsible alternatives.

These eco-friendly travel bags fold into themselves, forming a tiny pouch when not in use. They can easily be thrown into some luggage, a backpack, or a purse. They can also expand into the size of a normal shopping bag when expanded. Each order comes with four bags. Barring a shopping spree, these four should have you covered when it comes to purchases on the road!


So with just a few extra travel accessories, you can do your part to save the planet by reducing your waste.

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