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Culinary Travels: Bringing the Taste of Australia and New Zealand To Your Kitchen

New Zealand and Australia are two super exotic, super far away locations where Kangaroos roam free and Mordor can be found after a short, uneventful walk. Traveling to either New Zealand or Australia mean discovering fantastic beaches, incredible hikes, friendly people, and charming accents.

The food scene in New Zealand and Australia is also fantastic. Menus are filled with fresh seafood, earthy lamb dishes, and inventive and decadent desserts. A food tour in either island nation means suspending your preconceptions of barbeque, hamburgers, and birthday treats.

Below are some kitchen tools you can keep in your own home to help you recreate a Pavolvia, Fairy Bread, or even a Vegemite breakfast (hint, the secret is just purchasing Vegemite).

Stock up and bring the culinary travels of Australia and New Zealand to your home kitchen!

Anyone attempting to mimic an Australian accent is destined to announce “Throw a little more shrimp on the barbie!” It may be annoying, but it is also correct. Australians love their barbeque – kebobs especially. This set of twelve-inch metal food skewers can help you to create fantastic, Australian-inspired barbeque kebobs of shrimp, vegetables, chicken, beef, and so much more!

These skewers even feature a convenient little food removal disk that slides your treats off of your skewer and onto your plate without having to wrestle with a fork and knife. The manufacturer is dedicated to putting the best products out there, stating that “We’re constantly monitoring the customer feedback about the kabob set and keep a running list of potential design improvements that we can roll out on our next manufacturing batch.”

So grab a set and hit the grill!


One of the most iconic desserts in New Zealand is the Pavlova, a super-sweet meringue pie named for the famous Russian Ballerina. Meringue is deceptively easy to make, you pretty much just beat egg whites and sugar until stiff, shiny peaks form. Since that is all but impossible to do by hand, you will need a reliable hand mixer to make this dessert a reality for your friends and family!

This mixer is easy to use and store. It has six speeds with a QuickBurst button. It comes with a snap-on storage case so that you will never be left searching for you whisk attachments at the bottom of your utensil drawer. This mixer can create a meringue in minutes. After that, just add some whipped cream (which can also be made from scratch using this mixer) and fresh fruit and you are ready to impress your guests!


Only one thing comes to mind when someone says the words “breakfast in Australia”. Vegemite. For those unfamiliar, here is a description, straight from Wikipedia: “Vegemite is a thick, black Australian food spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives. It was developed by Cyril Percy Callister in Melbourne, Victoria in 1922.”

That may not sound super appealing, but once spread thinly on toast it becomes a favorite of Australian nationals and expats alike. It would be incredibly difficult to recreate this popular spread at home, so instead we recommend just grabbing a few imported jars for your Aussie-themed breakfast!


No Australian child’s party would be complete without Fairy Bread. Fairy Bread is simply some soft white bread (think Wonderbread), spread with butter or margarine, sprinkled with colorful sprinkles, and then cut into triangles. It may not sound super special, but the light, fluffy sugar hit is hugely popular among Australian children due to the sweet taste and bright colored appearance.

Australians have been ahead of us for years on the rainbow food front. Hosting a birthday without it would be like an American child having a party without cake. If you are curious about this phenomenon and want to try some at home, pick up this four pack of assorted sugar sprinkles, grab some bread and butter, and go to town!


If you have ever been to a grocery store, convenience store, tourist location, or even just a home in Australia, you have probably come across Tim Tams. These little biscuits are iconic in Australia. They consist of two chocolate malted biscuits, held together with a light cream filling and coated in a layer of chocolate.

But much like Oreos in America, Tim Tam has expanded their line to include a variety of other flavors. Tim Tams are not difficult to make at home. The one tricky element is melting the chocolate without burning it. For that, we recommend this double boiler. By boiling water gently underneath a pot of chocolate, you can keep the chocolate temperature moderate and steady, leading to a silky smooth melted result instead of a crumbly burned mess. So get ambitious and try to recreate these fantastic little cookies from the comfort of your own home.


If you are still eager for more, take a look at this cookbook and learn to make Kiwi Classics like Mushroom and Beer-Braised Beef Pies, Pasta with Mussels, and Maori Bread. You can feel like you visited this beautifully rustic island nation without ever leaving home!


If Australian cooking is more your speed, try this cookbook filled with recipes for Baked Eggs in Spicy Beef Sauce, Australian Meat Pie, and Kangaroo Burgers. You can feel like you are living in the outback, without ever leaving your grill!


If you liked this post, be sure to check out our North America guide. Happy cooking your culinary travels of Australia and New Zealand!

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