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Culinary Travels: Bringing the Taste of South America To Your Kitchen

South America is a continent full of beautiful, passionate people who are living life largely. Everything from the flavors of food to the volume of the music, to the energy of the people, is rich and beautiful. Anyone who has traveled through South America will agree that everything from the street food to the imaginative high-end restaurant food is delicious. So why not bring a taste of that experience home with you?

The following kitchen utensils will help to turn your home into the best South American kitchen in town. So turn on some Latin music, put a soccer match on in the background, and get to cooking!

Culinary Travels: NutriChef Countertop Verticle Rotating Oven Rotisserie

Peru is famous for delectable roasted chicken, and very few cooking methods at home can replicate that slow-roasted rotisserie taste. That is why you should invest in this counter-top kebob machine from NutriChef. It can fit a whole chicken quite comfortably.

If you are pining for that moist, char-tasting chicken you tried in Peru, you can recreate it at home! This machine is stain resistant and energy efficient, featuring heat-resistant doors. It has temperature control that goes as high as 464 degrees F and has an adjustable time setting up to 60 minutes. It even has an auto-off function for countertop safety. If you are dreaming of roasted chicken from South America, this is the culinary travels tool for you.

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Culinary Travels: Bamber Wood Cocktail Muddler

Some meals are just not complete without a good cocktail. If you have ever visited Brazil, you have probably enjoyed a Caipirinha. A Caipirinha is a strong beverage that is made by muddling lime and sugar in a pint glass, adding cachaca (a Brazilian spirit), and some ice, and giving it a quick stir. Nothing beats the heat on a hot day like the kick of a caipirinha.

If you want to recreate this delicious drink at home, you will need a cocktail muddler! This one is made from eco-friendly solid wood. It is strong, durable, comfortable to hold and easy to clean. So mix up some drinks and let the Latin music take you away!

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Culinary Travels: Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

Argentinian steak is a thing of beauty. A high-quality cut of meat slathered in chimichurri sauce can transport you back to an amazing vacation with the first bite you take. If you are looking to serve a lot of steak to your guests, consider this TableTop grill.

You can cook your dinner right over the propane heat, plus you can simply keep your entrée warm during service. The compact design makes it easy to transport and set up, and the stainless steel drip tray will help to keep your cooking area clean. Enjoy some sensory memories of your time abroad with this little steak-maker.

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Culinary Travels: Zoie + Chloe 3-Piece Dough Press Set

Nothing beats a real Ecuadorian empanada. The flaky crust, rich interior, and warm filling will fill up your soul right along with your stomach. Fortunately, empanadas, while labor-intensive, are not necessarily difficult to recreate. The slowest part of the process is pinching each individual pocket closed. This pack of three dough presses will cut your folding and primping time in half!

Simply lay out your dough, spoon some filling into the center, and fold the press over itself to crimp your empanada closed. You will be amazed at how quickly you can whip some up. Your family and friends will be impressed. The time saved closing each pocket can be spent on creating some more inventive fillings!

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Culinary Travels: Instant Pot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Rice and beans are a staple in South American Cuisine. A simple plate of inexpensive black beans can be transformed into a spicy, exotic, and filling experience. If you want to try and recreate frijoles at home, you had better have a pressure cooker handy to cook them to perfection.

This kitchen tool from Instant Pot can transform your dried beans into a delectable dish in less than 30 minutes. Just add some olive oil, garlic, onion, and maybe a bay leaf and you will be ready to make a meal of some of the best beans you have ever tasted. You can even program this pressure cooker to make your beans exactly how you like them, every time! If rice and beans are on the menu, be sure to make them right with this fantastic little culinary travels tool.

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Culinary Travels: Imusa Electric Arepa Maker with Nonstick Surface

Arepas are another South American delicacy that can be difficult to live without. Arepas are essentially friend cornmeal pockets that can be stuffed with anything and everything that catches your fancy. The dense yet fluffy cornmeal dough is so much more than a vehicle for the filling, the rich taste adding an important component to the dish.

If you want to try and make them at home, consider this Arepa Maker. It is basically a waffle iron for anyone with slightly more exotic tastes. It has a non-stick surface and will make four perfectly round arepas with every press. One reviewer said it reminded her of her home in Venezuela, keeping the authenticity.

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Culinary Travels: Havanna Alfajor Mixtos

Last but not least, a South American dessert. Alfajores are classic South American pastries that can be very difficult to recreate at home. They consist of two biscuits sandwiching dulce de leche and are covered in a tangy meringue. If you are putting in a lot of work to recreate South American entrees at home, we say take a break with dessert and order these treats pre-made!

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No matter which country, culture, and cuisine you are missing, you can enjoy a culinary exploration of the southern hemisphere with any of the outstanding culinary travels tools listed above. Happy cooking!

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