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How to Stay Warm During Your Travels

Nothing is worse than being cold – it often means you cannot focus on anything else. Whether it is frozen fingers, wind-burned ears, or an all-over chill, coldness is uncomfortable, distracting, and fortunately, entirely preventable. If you plan on traveling somewhere on the wrong side of warm, then you had better have a plan to stay toasty.

A Christmas trip to Tahoe, an extreme-sport exploration of Iceland, or a northern lights tour of Scandinavia are all fantastic opportunities to try out some of your warm-weather travel gear. It is time to become the envy of all of your travel mates by walking into a frozen tundra without a flinch.

Stay Warm With Long Underwear

It may seem old-fashioned and somewhat embarrassing, but long underwear is a tried and true solution to cold and extreme weather. Just slip on a pair of waffle fabric, form-fitting long johns and you will be amazed at how much warmer you feel. Slipping a long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of leggings underneath whatever winter outfit you choose to don will drastically increase your level of comfort during whatever activity you choose to enjoy. Make sure these are the first things you put on in the morning, and the last things you take off at night.

Stay Warm With HotHands Hand Warmers

Nothing is worse than having cold fingers and toes. Anyone who has found themselves desperately blowing hot air into their mittens or flexing their toes inside their boots trying to reanimate circulation can attest to how miserable it is to truly be freezing in cold weather. If you are visiting somewhere the guarantees frigid temperatures and outdoor exposure, make sure you have a few of these hand warmers with you.

To activate the little packet, just remove from the foil and shake to activate. All you have to do to help stay warm is open one up and drop it into your gloves and boots. Your extremities will enjoy a little source of heat and you are more likely to stay outside for longer. There are particularly great for ski and other outdoor vacations.


Stay Warm With Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop or Under-Desk Heater

If you plan on roughing it in a cabin or an Airbnb without a ton of amenities like reliable heat, then you will probably want to bring along this convenient little space header. It is certainly mini, measuring just 5.7” x 7” x 9” and weighing only 3.5lbs. However, it packs a punch and can easily heat up a small space to help you stay warm.

It also has automatic overheat protection for safety, and a carrying case for easy transport. Winter camping season is about to begin, so if you plan on spending some time out in the wilderness, make sure you don’t regret that decision by bringing along this little heater.


Stay Warm With Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

If you prefer to keep warm by snuggling underneath a blanket, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of carrying something bulky around, then invest in this little lightweight travel blanket. The entire thing measures 70” x 56” which is more than enough to cover your lap and part of your torso. It all folds up into a convenient little carrying couch.

This blanket to stay warm comes in thirteen different colors. The unique CoolMax material breathes well and wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping your comfortable as it keeps you warm. It won’t save you in a blizzard, but it will make your car trip, train ride, or red-eye flight infinitely cozier. Throw one of these in your luggage and never suffer a mid-transit chill again.


Stay Warm With Warmie Australian Sheepskin Super Thick Premium Warm Shoe Insoles for Winter

These 100% Australian Sheepskin insoles are a fantastic way to keep your feet warm in even the coldest of climates. Stepping into your shoes and onto these fluffy, warm, incredibly soft cushion will make you want to don your boots and step out into the tundra. Even if you aren’t looking to do some winter hiking, these insoles can completely change your slipper game.

They will keep you warm, cozy, and snug all winter long. With these, you really can’t go wrong.


Stay Warm With SmartWool Cozy Grip Glove

Smartwool is truly magical material. It is lightweight and soft but will keep you incredibly warm. These transition gloves are made of 49% acrylic, 48% merino wool, 2% other fiber, and 1% elastane. This means you will stay warm, cozy, and comfortable. These gloves are also great for moderately cold weather since they can be worn as fingerless gloves, or as mittens.

To switch from one style to the other, simply flip the top of the mitten on or off, and away you go! They even come with a knit-in touchscreen capability on the thumb, which means you can still use your smart device even while you’re gloved up. They come in two sizes so you can pick the best pair for you. The grey color will match nearly any winter apparel you choose to wear.


With these products, you can stay cozy and warm no matter where in the world you travel.

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