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Keep Cords Organized For Travel With These Tech Helpers

Traveling with charging cords is just a fact of life. Between your laptop, smartphone, tablet, electric toothbrush, smartwatch, and any variety of other products that require some electrical juice, a pocket full of tangled cords isn’t just a likelihood, it is an inevitability. It is enough to make the organization-freak side of anyone tense up.

Fortunately, there are several ways to organize your electronics for travel that ensures your cords stay separate, coiled, and ready for immediate use upon reaching your destination.

Choose one of the products listed below based on exactly how many cords you are traveling with. Keep cords organized so you won’t have to replace your cables after every long-haul flight!

If you are traveling with some serious electronics, like a tablet, giant laptop traveler and even a mouse, then this organizer is great for you. It’s got a few segmented compartments so you can bundle your cords separately and then store them individually. This option to keep cords organized even has a sleeve for a small tablet and a few elastic holders for smaller cords like cell chargers and headphones.

The entire thing unzips to reveal two main compartments, which ensures that even if some of your cords get loose, it won’t mess up your entire organization. Once the bag is full, everything will fit nice and snugly, so you won’t have to worry about the bag taking up an unnecessary amount of your luggage space. Plus, it comes in six fun colors!


If you are only traveling with a few cords, like a pair of headphones and a phone charger, you can easily keep cords organized by coiling and wrapping them separately. This unobtrusive little Velcro wraps won’t add bulk to your cords, but they will effectively keep them separate.

Plus, this set comes with 20 separate organizers in five different colors, so you will never be lacking for an organizer when you need one. This is a great way to keep cords separate and organized without adding a whole new bag to your already full luggage.


If you are just looking for an easy, simple way to keep cords organized and keep your earbuds from tangling with each other in your pocket, then this little leather cord wrap is perfect for you. To use it, just gently wrap your headphones around the flexible leather base, and snap the little holder into place over top. This will keep your earbuds safe, secure, and easy to store in your pocket without a second thought.


If you are carrying a few more cords than just your earbuds, then this keep cords organized roll-out cord organizer is a great choice for you. When it is open, it lays flat and has little pockets and elastic bands that hold your coiled charging cables. To store it, simply roll the case together and slip the attached the elastic band over the entire thing to keep it secure. This way, the case grows or shrinks depending on how many cables you are storing. It is great for anyone who is conscious of storage space.

It is also easy to see everything once the case is opened. This will save you from digging through various pockets and holders when you are looking for a specific cord. It comes in five muted colors. That should be easy to coordinate with your luggage, plus it is super lightweight.


If you only have a few cables, but still don’t want them exposed within your pocket or luggage as they would be with just a wrap cord, then this little hard-case packet is perfect for you to keep cords organized. It is super small, only 4.7” x 4.7” x 2.4”. When you open it up, it features a small pocket secured with an elastic band and a deeper pocket.

It is perfect for fitting some earbuds, and a cable or two. The hard sides means that it won’t get smushed in your luggage. When you unzip the entire thing it lays flat so you can see everything that’s in there. One trip with this organizer and you will never throw your cords in your pocket ever again!


If you are looking for just a wrap cable, but aren’t a fan of Velcro or leather, then opt for these soft silicone cord holders that stay put with magnets. This way, you won’t risk Velcro sticking to the inside of your pockets. But, you will still be able to keep cords organized.

One pack comes with five different holders in five colors. They can even function as bookmark clips or key chains. These are a great solution for anyone looking for a simple, elegant way to keep just a few cords separate.


No need to spend precious minutes untangling a mess of earbuds, iPhone cords, and micro-USB cables. Instead, spend an extra second packing up before you hit the road with these items to keep cords organized. You will be grateful that you did once you reach your final destination. And if tangled items really irk you, you can always check out our review of wireless headphones.

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