The Best Under Seat Luggage You Can Buy

Have you tried Allegiant? Spirit? Frontier? Ryanair? Certain United flights? If you have, I am sure your mind is already adding up the cost of every additional charge. Sure, the ticket itself is cheap, but with a la carte charges for seat assignments, carryon luggage, checked luggage, and on-air beverage services, the cost can quickly add up. The one service that is actually free (for now), is a personal luggage item, or, anything that can fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Size allowances vary between different airlines, but generally, a personal item is about 18” x 14” x 8” – essentially a backpack. Backpacks are great for some travelers, but for anyone with back or shoulder issues, or the elderly or pregnant, lugging around luggage on your person like that is not advisable. Fortunately, a bunch of luggage manufacturers have risen to the challenge and created personal item sized wheelie bags!

Tip and Tricks For Under Seat Luggage

Now, these under seat luggage bags are not large (remember, only 18” x 14” x 8” if you are lucky), but there are tips and tricks you can use to fit more into a smaller space:

  • Don’t fold your clothes, roll your clothes.
  • Remember that you can almost always buy toiletry essentials at your destination.
  • Pack items that can pull double duty – like beach cover-up that can double as a dress.
  • Wear your largest items while you fly – you are a piece of luggage too!

Our Favorite Under Seat Luggage Options

With all of the tips listed above and one of the under seat luggage bags listed below, you too can avoid heft luggage charges, and still wheel around your belongings behind you. Invest in one of the pieces listed below, and save hundreds in add-on charges.

This bag measures only 13” x 13” x 9”. It has two small wheels and a retractable handle which will allow you to pull the bag along behind you. There is one main zippered compartment, which is great for shoes, clothes, and maybe a personal computer. It also has several smaller zippered pockets that can hold your toiletries, documents, chargers, and accessories.

This under seat luggage bag even has a strap across the back which secures it to the luggage handle of a larger bag. You will not have to wheel two bags behind you. Whether you are traveling for a quick weekend getaway or spending a more lengthy amount of time away, this under seat luggage option will get you there without you having to spend additional money.


This piece is for anyone who likes the idea of a backpack but also wants the option to wheel their bag around when they get tired. It measures 13” x 17” x 10”, and features double wheels and a telescoping handle. This under seat luggage features one main zipper compartment to hold your clothes, shoes, and a computer, and a smaller front pocket that can hold smaller travel accessories and maybe chargers.

It comes in an astounding 35 colors, so you can pick whichever one matches the rest of your luggage or your personal style the best. This is a fantastic option for anyone who anticipates walking around a lot with their luggage, but who also wants a break from wearing it on their person.


Hardside luggage is great for anyone looking to protect their belongings from the rigors of travel. Whether you anticipate bouncing your bag over uneven or bumpy streets, or just know that the plane, trains, and automobiles you plan on taking will not offer smooth-sailing, hard side bags are a great solution.

This one is teeny-tiny, measuring only 14” x 9” x 21”. The interior consists of one side with a zipper closure for clothes and accessories, and one side with an elastic band for shoes and larger items. It is even expandable, for up to 15% more packing space. It has four double spinner wheels, which makes it easy to pull and control, and a telescoping handle which easily packs away. This is a great option for the avid traveler who doesn’t want to waste time or funds on a la carte baggage options.


If you are looking for more of a tote-bag or bowling bag style, then this bag is the bag for you. It measures only 8” x 17” x 14”, and has soft sizes which means you can fill it almost to burst if you need to. It is made of nylon, which is durable and water-resistant. This bag comes in a really fun bright orange/red color.

The interior consists of two large pockets, which is great for keeping shoes and clothes separate, and the smaller front pocket is great for chargers and accessories. The main pocket has a few mesh pockets and some elastic bands which will help you to both organize your items and to keep them in place while you travel. It has two wheels and a retractable handle, so you can wheel your luggage around in style! This is a great option for anyone who is both fashion-conscious and flying on the cheap.


This bag is for the traveler who really wants to get everything they can out of a single piece of luggage. In its smallest state, it measures only 15” x 13.5” x 8”. When it is expanded it measures 22” x 13.5” x 8”. This is a fantastic option for anyone who anticipates doing a lot of shopping while they travel!

You can avoid the luggage charge one way and fit the bag under your seat. Then on the way home, you can expand it and only pay the luggage charge once! There is one main front pocket, and when the bag expands there is a separate top pocket as well. It has two sturdy wheels and a telescoping handle. When you expand the top pocket, there is a strap that hooks around the extended handle to keep everything in place. Convertible items are great for avid travelers. This piece of luggage would be a great addition to anyone’s convertible collection!


So the next time you are considering spending $30 just to bring an extra piece of luggage on board with you, remember this list of under seat luggage options and consider making a one-time investment.

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