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Best Tripod for Travel

Instagram’s popularity has turned many of us into amateur photographers. One of the most important tools in a photographer’s arsenal is a tripod. Tripods hold your camera level and steady and can turn you from an expert selfie taker into a beautiful portrait creator.

For the travelers among us, tripods have to be light, compact, and easy to use. But unfortunately, tripods aren’t one-size fits all. Below we have outlined the best travel tripods for mobile phones and DSLRs. So find which bucket you best fit into and make the investment. Your Instagram followers will be glad you did!

Best Mobile Phone Tripods

These options are truly for the amateur among us. We may not be selling our photos to National Geographic, but we still want a great shot to commemorate a fantastic trip, unbelievable view, or outstanding event. To use these, you simply have to set your phone camera on a timer, clip it in, and stand back.

UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Remote and Universal Clip

best tripod for travel

This tripod has three adjustable legs, which can be made to stand on an even or uneven surface. The legs are so flexible that they can even wrap around poles and railings. The legs are not super long, but it is compact and weighs only 4.8oz, which makes it a great solution for travel. The phone clip is universal and can stretch to accommodate almost any smartphone from an old model android to an iPhone 8 Plus. It comes with a great little carrying case, and even has a Bluetooth remote for those of us who aren’t fans of setting the timer, then running to get in or out of the frame before the picture is taken.

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Cleno House 54 Inch Selfie Stick Tripod

For those of us who want to venture into more professional looking photos but are reluctant to give up their mad selfie-game, this product offers the perfect solution for those dueling desires. It is a 54-inch selfie-stick, with little tripod legs at the bottom. The legs can be collapsed in for holding and expanded for tripod set up. When the whole thing is collapsed down, it is only 13.77 inches and weighs only 14.4oz. The adjustable head can fit almost any smartphone. This one also comes with its own remote.

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Alovexiong 110cm General Portable Camera Tripod

This tripod can grow from 11.8 inches, all the way up to 41.7 inches, with incremental stops at 20.4 inches, 27.2 inches, and 33.8 inches along the way. It is adjustable, collapsible, and a fantastic solution for anyone looking to take better photos. The phone clip is adjustable, and the rotating head means you can tilt your photo up or down as necessary. It weighs just 1lb and comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to travel with.

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Best DSLR Tripods

Whether you are shooting digital or film, DSLR tripods are key for achieving pictures with no camera-shake. DSLRs are larger and heavier than smartphones, so the tripods on the market are a bit heftier, but there are still some great travel solutions out there.

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This tripod is super basic, but what you sacrifice in bells and whistles you make up for in size and portability. This tripod collapses down to only 16.7 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches and weighs a measly 1.19 pounds. The 3-way head allows for tilt and swivel motion and portrait or landscape options. Basically, if there’s a photo you want, it becomes a photo you can get with this tripod.

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Rangers 57” Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

Like the others on this list, this tripod is expandable and collapsible, ranging from 14 to 56-inches and weighs 2.89lbs. The uniqueness of this design is in the head attachment. The 360-degree ball head means that you can position your camera any way you’d like, and tighten the clip to hold it there. Do you want a horizontal photo? A vertical one? One taken at an odd and artistic angle? You can do that.

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Patekfly 12 Inch Flexible Camera Tripod

This flexible tripod doesn’t have the height options of the prior two, but it can be set up on uneven surfaces, and the legs can be wrapped around poles and railings. Plus, it doesn’t just work for DSLR cameras; it can fit Go Pros and cell phones too. The dimensions are 12×2.4×2.4 inches and weighs only 12.6 oz. This is a fantastic solution for the adventure traveler looking for that next epic shot.

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Make some room in your luggage, and get ready for some of the best pictures you have ever taken!

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