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Travel Workout Gear To Keep You Fit

Keeping fit is a lifestyle. It involves eating right, exercise, and plenty of sleep. Every day presents an opportunity to do and be your best. But when you are traveling, it can be difficult to maintain your regular activity schedule and workout goals are quickly abandoned.

Hitting a yoga studio for a sunrise flow class can be difficult when your flight leaves at 6 am. Cardio isn’t happening if you are in an unfamiliar city that it may not be safe to jog in. If you are looking to do some weight training, you can try a hotel gym, but hostels and Airbnb won’t offer that luxury. The best thing to do to maintain fitness goals is to bring your equipment with you.

Travel Workout Gear You Won’t Mind Having

If staying fit is a priority for you, then in addition to some training shoes and your water bottle, make sure you have some travel workout gear with you in your carry-on. Don’t worry, you will not need to lug around anything large or heavy. The following travel-friendly equipment will ensure a full body workout, no matter where you are.

These 100% nylon resistance bands come in light, medium, and heavy resistance and are fantastic for weight training. You can loop one around a sturdy piece of furniture to do bicep curls, loop them around your knees for squats. You can even incorporate them into popular workout routines like Zumba, yoga, and beach body.

These things are small, compact, and super lightweight. You will barely notice them in your luggage, but you will for sure notice the results you see when you use them to tone your legs, arms, back, and stomach.


If you can’t give up your free-weight exercises, but still want to keep your luggage light, consider these portable water-filled dumbbells. A single dumbbell can be filled up to 28lbs, but can easily be half-filled for a lighter workout. They come in sets of two, so you can easily knock out some compound exercises like bench presses and deadlifts.

You can also grab just one for triceps extensions or Russian twists. As long as you have access to water where you are, you can do some serious weight training, all from a set of dumbbells that weigh less than 6lbs to carry around in your luggage. This travel workout gear is great for portability.


If cardio is more of your jam, but you don’t want to venture out walking or jogging, then invest in one of these weighted jump ropes. The small weights hidden in the jump rope handles will make it a bit more strenuous than when you were a kid. But after just a few hops, you will be surprised by how much work it takes to skip some rope.

This rope is 12.14 ft long, making it properly adult-sized. The non-slip handles will feel great in your hands. This is a great piece of equipment to throw in your suitcase or in the back of your car, in case the mood to break a sweat strikes. You can’t go wrong with this travel workout gear.


This ab wheel might not be small enough to throw in a carry-on, but it is great for a checked bag or a road trip. The two inch wide wheel is sturdy and covered in a gripping rubber, so that you can roll out your abs on any surface. The ergonomically handles are removable, so you can disassemble the wheel for transport.

It even comes with some kneepads that will help you do workout harder, and for longer. One reviewer praised the grip and the tire track, saying it is sturdier and gives a better workout than other similar items they’ve previously purchased.


These bands come in five resistance levels for progressive workouts. Each set comes with two grip handles, two ankle straps, and a repositionable door anchor. With that set, you can easily workout your upper body, lower body, and enjoy a nice stretch after.

This travel workout gear comes with a storage pouch. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can bring one or all of the bands, and any of the accessories. These may not look as intense as training weights, but a few minutes doing some rows or leg lifts will definitely leave you sore tomorrow! Throw these in the bottom of your backpack and forget about them. That is, until you’re ready to do some toning work.


These sliders are crazy light and compact, looking like nothing more than a small plate. But simply placing them under your hands, knees, or feet can make a normal body-weight exercise intense. Place them under your hands for additional intensity in your planks, or put them under your feet and draw your feet up to your hands from the plank position for an abdominal workout.

Whatever you choose to do, these discs will make a normal carpet or floor slippery enough that you will have to rely on your stabilizing muscles rather than resistance for balance. This travel workout gear is so small you could probably even put them in a laptop sleeve for storage!


If you really can’t resist a good run, then keep your valuables protected and hidden with this slim fitting running belt. It is work flush against your body and can easily be hidden under your clothes. You can tuck your smartphone, wallet, and even keys into this belt, and hit the road without worrying about your items getting stolen.

This travel workout gear can even be used during your travels for easy access to your passport and other vital documents. Grab one of these and never worry about dropping something during a run again.


Stay mobile and stay fit with this travel workout gear. Have a great trip!

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