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Don’t Leave Home Without One of These Travel Journals

No matter how hard you look at a beautiful view, how desperately you try to remember a conversation, or how much you enjoy a meal, time is not a friend to memory. Details will begin to slip through your fingers until you are left wondering, “what was it I loved about that place so much?”. A travel journal is an absolute luggage staple for the avid traveler. If you take even five minutes a day to jot down your thoughts, emotions, and reactions to your experiences, you will be able to preserve those memories forever.

Our Favorite Travel Journals

Journaling is a very personal hobby, and everyone prefers to do it differently. Whether you like to write in long-form prose, construct a bullet journal, or even add sketches and images, there is a journal out there for you. Below is a list of the eight best travel journals available on Amazon today. Make a choice, pack your bags, and keep your travel memories alive.

This is a “classic” travel journal if there ever was one. The leather cover is rustic yet durable, and the wrap cord keeps your journal closed and secure in your luggage. The interior pages are lined and refillable, so you can write to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of space.

It even includes plastic sleeves to hold travel papers, ticket stubs, and photographs. When opened, the journal lies flat, which is convenient and comfortable for writing. At only 5” x 8”, it is compact and easy to transport.


If you need a little inspiration to kick-off your travel writing habits, this is one of the best travel journals for you. This journal is not blank. Instead, it features multiple prompts and suggestions for things to write down.

The first few pages include a Packing List, Things to Do Before you Embark, and a fun section called “So & So Told Me”. If you want to keep your memories alive and well organized, this is a fantastic option for you. You can also visit the purchase page on Amazon and check out the “look inside” feature for more details.


This travel journal actually consists of three travel journals. They are slim and small, with only 48 pages in each copy. They are sleek, stylish, and easy to fit into your luggage or a large pocket.

If you are visiting more than one location and want to keep your thoughts and notes separate, this is a great way to create a series of journal entries. The interior pages are lined. When open, the journals lay flat.


This journal is marketed to women, but can easily be used by any gender. This book is part journal and part travel guide. It includes everything from Safety Tips to a fill-in-the-blank itinerary. The cover is bright orange – distinct and easy to find in a full piece of luggage.

It features an elastic closure, an inside accordion pocket, and flexible binding. One reviewer sung it’s praises, saying “Without being overly intrusive, the ideas and suggestions guide the user into including important and memorable events as well as day to day occurrences on their trip and encourage interaction with fellow travelers and those they meet along the way. “


This journal is a great option for the more visually inclined among us. The 64-page journal includes creative prompts for memory keeping. The 8 included maps cover the entire globe.

Every time you visit a new country, you can scratch it off on the associated map. You will have a fantastic visual recap of your world travels along with some jotted-down memories. This journal is slim and compact and is a great way to keep track of where you have been.


Bullet journals are the new trend in journaling. This style of writing combines prose with bulleted lists, creative diagraming, calendars, and sketching. If you want journaling to feel fun, then this notebook provides the perfect canvas for you.

Instead of featuring lined pages, the interior consists of a dot-grid, so that you can write prose, make lists, easily draw your own grids, or just abandon the background and draw to your heart’s content! Bullet Journaling is a great way for people to get their foot in the door with journaling. Owning one of these travel journals is a fantastic way to start.


If you aren’t a fan of prompts, dot-grids, or even lines, this blank-page spiral notebook is the perfect travel journal for you. This notebook affords the opportunity to be completely creative. If you want to write, you can. If you want to draw, you can.

Even the cover is completely blank which makes it a canvas for your creativity. The spiral binding means that the journal lays completely flat. With 100 pages, you have a lot of space to record your adventures.


If you like the idea of bullet journaling, but are not sure how to get started, then you should snap up this bullet journal kit for your travels. The journal consists of dot-grid numbered pages. The accordion pocket at the back includes colorful washi tape and stencils to help you add creative touches to your travel entries.

This journal offers the perfect marriage of creative freedom and creative guidance. It is a great option for anyone who wants pretty and appealing travel journals but needs a kick-start to make it happen.


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