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Finding the Best Travel Garment Bag For Your Business Travels

Garment bags are a fantastic way to keep your nicer clothes organized, flat, and wrinkle-free. Transporting your professional or evening garments in a garment bag instead of folding or rolling them into an over-stuffed suitcase ensures that your pieces will arrive at your destination looking sharp. So if looking your best at your destination is a must, make sure you have an easy-to-travel-with garment bag.

If you plan on traveling by train, plane, or automobile, make sure you have got one of the following luggage pieces with you, and you can look smart in a moment’s notice!

This stylish looking over-the-shoulder bag unfolds into a full-sized travel garment bag, which is perfect for suits and other evening wear. It features multiple interior pockets, which can help you to organize ties, jewelry, and other accessories. Your larger clothing items will be kept in place with a few straps, so when you arrive at your destination all of your items will be totally wrinkle-free!

One reviewer gave it a rave-review, stating that they were able to fit coats, shirts, dresses, and even shoes in this bag. They said it fits nicely in an overhead bin.


If you are looking for a garment bag with a more casual look, then look no further than this sleek little bag that actually looks like a duffle bag from the outside. When laid out, it measures 37.5” x 21” x 8”. When folded into a duffle bag, it measures 23” x 11” x 12” dimensions that largely resemble a 45L duffle.

It has a left side pocket that nicely fits one pair of shoes, and a right side pocket that is designed for a passport and other small items like keys and a cell phone charger. This travel garment bag is great for frequent travelers looking for something that easily fits in an overhead compartment. It’s also good for business travelers who don’t like wrangling a large garment bag for every client visit.


If you have a suitcase you love, but still want the benefits of traveling with a travel garment bag, then invest in a few of these packing cubes. They are designed to keep your dress shirts, suits, ties, and dresses well organized and wrinkle free, no matter the bag you choose to put them in. This pack even comes in with a easy-to-use folding board which will help you to fold your nice items neatly.

Each folder is made of an uber lightweight material. It will not add unnecessary bulk or weight to your luggage. So pack your favorite or wrinkle prone items in these envelopes and leave the hotel iron in the closet where it belongs!


If you are looking for a no-fuss, easy to travel with travel garment bag that doesn’t fave superfluous dividers or pockets, then this streamlined design is perfect for you. These bags feature just one main zippered compartment that can fit a few select outfits. The bag folds easily in half and can be held by two comfortable hand-straps.

There is one outside zipper pocket to toss a few low-profile accessories in. But, for the most part, this garment bag is simple and easy to use. It will keep your clothes laying flat and wrinkle free, no matter how long your journey.


If you are in the market for a new suitcase, then consider this roller-bag that actually includes a built-in garment bag. No need for two pieces with this rolling travel garment bag. The carry-on sized suitcase consists of two main zipper compartments, one of which contains a foldout garment bag. You may not be able to hang this bag from the closet in your hotel room (considering it is built into its bag and all), but it will certainly get your clothing to your destination easily!

One reviewer summed up this bag’s niche perfectly when he described how he uses it for business, casual looks, and workout clothes. He claimed you can pack a few shirts, dress pants, workout clothes, and casual clothes and several pairs of shoes.


This travel garment bag is super slim and low-profile, which makes it a great bag to slip into your existing luggage. It also has an external handle, which means it can stand alone as a piece of luggage as well. It can fit up to six items of clothing, and measures 16” x 11.4”.

The foldable board size is 14” x 10.5”, which will help you to pack your items tidily. The entire bag secures shut with Velcro, which makes it easy to get in and out of. This bag comes in four fun color options, which will make your garment bag stand out from the rest.


So pick out your favorite, confidence-inspiring items, fold them neatly, and arrive at your destination looking sharp! No need to figure out the hotel’s iron, or pack your own small steamer. With these bags, your outfits will all be ready to wear upon arrival.

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