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The Best Sunglasses For Your Summer Adventures

It’s summertime! Which means the days are longer and the weather is better. If you plan on spending any time outdoors over the next few months, make sure that your eyes are protected with a good pair of sunglasses. There is no need to squint into the sun when you are rocking a pair of tinted shades. So find the pair or pairs that best suit you, and venture on outdoors!

These sunglasses are lightweight, durable, versatile, and perfect for sports and other outdoor activities. The lenses are polarized, which cuts down on annoying glare off of water, roads, sand, or snow. They also come with UVA< UVB, and UVC protection. This means that these lenses will protect your eye from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Each pair comes with a hard-sided carrying case, a neck strap, and a microfiber carrying case for cleaning. You can get messy and wild without losing your glasses or staring through spattered lenses all day. They are unisex and fit comfortably on your face, making them ideal choice for any and everyone who enjoys summertime activities.


These glasses are fit with transition frames that go from fully transparent to tinted as the ambient light increases or decreases. They sit in a classic, wayfarer frame, which looks good in both eyeglass and sunglass mode, and the 52mm lenses work on both men and women. If you are going to be ducking in and out of doors all summer, and don’t want to constantly be taking sunglasses on and off, then these are a fantastic choice for you.

You will never struggle to see, and your eyes will stay comfortable and protected. One reviewer described how they work by saying that they only get fully darkened when in direct sunlight. They explained that sometimes the glasses don’t darken enough in the car. However, they are sturdy and look good on just about everyone, according to the review.


If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that never go out of style, then grab a pair of these classic wayfarers. The lenses are polarized, which cuts down on glare. Both the frames and the lenses are plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to wear all day.

The lenses are large, 52mm x 42mm, which ensures full coverage. This manufacturer provides wayfarers in dozens of color combinations. So whether you are a looking for a classic black pair, or would rather show off your personality with sunburst yellow frames and mirrored lenses, this item will work for you.


This pair of shades comes in another classic design; the aviator. The frames are metal and the lenses are polarized, which cuts down on glare. With lenses that measure 60mm x 47mm, these glasses will cut out the sun on your periphery and look good on every face! The glasses come with a hard-sided case and are available in six different color combinations.


If you are already and glasses-wearer and don’t want to shell out the money for a prescription pair of shaded lenses, then consider these clip-on shades that sit right on top of your existing eyeglasses! They are slim and easy to install, clipping right on the bridge of your glasses. The tinted lenses are polarized, which will cut down on glare.

The TAC lens is thinner than standard lenses, which means they won’t make your glasses front-heavy. They are rimless which means that should integrate seamlessly which whatever style glasses you wear, including oval, cat eye, square, rectangle, or even little round frames. They come in grey and brown, so you can choose whichever way you prefer to view the world.


Bonus! Stylish Shades for Men and Women:

For Men:

These shades are made of a composite frame, with plastic on top and metal on the bottom. They resemble wayfarer frames – with a twist! If you are looking for something classic, yet modern, cool, and effortless, then these shades are a great choice for you.

The frames are flexible and durable, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities. Plus, the lenses are polarized and high clarity. The pair comes in sixteen different color combinations, ranging from classic to trendy. At this affordable price, it is really hard to go wrong!


For Women:

This style is totally on-trend for this season. They feature a subtle cat eye shape, with an irregular metal frame that partially cuts right through the lens. It sounds unconventional, but makes for a pair of glasses that look like a trendy version of something girls would have worn in the ‘60s.

They are not polarized, which doesn’t make them a great choice for driving or water sports. But for something this inexpensive and cute, it is hard to get upset over that. They come in sixteen different color variations – you can even get red lenses if you are so inclined! So build these into your summer wardrobe this year, and get ready for more likes on Instagram.


So grab a pair of shades and head outside to enjoy the summer! Also, if you’re looking for more eye gear, check out our review of the best binoculars.

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