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Which Security System Will You Use To Protect Your Home?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning a trip? For some, it will be luxurious hotel accommodations. For others, fantastic local foods spring to mind. Then there are those whose first thought goes to activities and adventures. Very few among us immediately think about our home sitting empty for days or weeks while we explore a new place.

Homecare is a very important aspect to consider when planning a trip. Before you lock the door and hit the road, make sure to consider the following items:

Pet Care

If you have a cat, can you leave them with a few days worth of food and water? If you have a dog, have you hired a sitter or dropped them off to board somewhere?

Plant Care

Do you have a garden or indoor plants? How will they be watered while you are away?

Mail Suspension

This is as easy as visiting the USPS website, putting in your address, and asking the post office to hold your mail while you are away so that it doesn’t start to clog up your mailbox.

Home Security

Will it be obvious that your house is left unoccupied? Are locks enough to keep out burglars or other intruders?

Home security is last on the list for a reason, because for many it is not a top-of-mind issue like pet care. It is easy to just lock your door like you are going to work and leave home for days at a time, but is that the wise thing to do?

Which Home Security System Do You Prefer?

An easy way to keep your house safe and secure during your time away from home is a home security system. The security systems listed below are easy to install and easy to maintain. Plus, you can purchase them all right on Amazon! The next time you are planning to spend a significant amount of time away from home, consider purchasing and installing one of these security system options before you go.

Video Surveillance Security System Options

If you are curious about what happens in your home while you are away, or if you just like spying on your pets, then consider installing some private video surveillance!

These discrete little cameras can sit on a tabletop, on your stairs, or can even be mounted to the wall. Each camera is battery powered and wire-free, so it is easy to place and move around your home. The video captured is 720p HD, and the embedded motion detector will trigger your camera to record.

While you are away, you can get push notifications with a link to the recorded video. So any time something happens in your home, you will know right away. You can also easily access a live-view mode with streaming video of your home through the blink home app. These amazing security system cameras even integrate with your Amazon Alexa. This means you can control your Blink system through voice commands alone.


This camera is easily installed on a ceiling or high up on a wall for a large range of view. You can live-stream the video feed through an easy-to-use mobile application. At 1280*720 megapixels, you will not miss a thing. The night-vision capabilities make it a great solution for monitoring your home 24/7.

Plus, the two-way audio function allows you to speak through the camera, warning intruders that authorities are on the way. Some reviewers even report using this as a baby monitor. This is a fantastic solution for someone who wants clear visibility into their home 24 hours a day, even from hundreds of miles away.


These little cameras sit nicely on a table or shelf and feature 180-degree manual rotation. When you set them up, you can create the perfect viewing angle. They also feature recording in 720p HD, two-way audio communications, a 111-degree wide-angle lens, and night vision.

Like the others on this security system list, the video feed will live stream to your smartphone. Plus, you can set activity alerts for when the cameras detect motion. This kit comes with four cameras to help you keep tabs on several rooms in your home at once.


Audio Alarm Security System Options

Audio alarms are a great way to scare off or deter burglars. Set up a few at key entry points in your home and feel secure in the knowledge that anyone trying to enter your home without your permission will get, at the very least, a nasty scare!

These alarms are magnetically connected, with one piece mounting on the door or window frame, and the other piece mounting on the door or window itself. When the two pieces are pulled apart, a loud alarm will sound.

These are obviously not great for a door or window that you open frequently. But if you have access points to your home that are not frequently used and want to keep them protected, set these up. This loud noise in this security system will hopefully deter an intruder.


This is a more traditional home security system, with a fully programmable main unit, motion sensors, and a small remote control. The auto-dialer function will call up to six phone numbers in case of a security breach. No matter where you are, every member of your family can be aware of a break-in immediately.

If someone enters forcefully, a loud alarm will sound that will both deter intruders and alert the neighbors. This alarm security system basically turns your home into a fortress.


This is a pull-apart door alarm that is safe to use in highly trafficked areas. You can set it up so that the alarm is delayed with the door is opened, giving you time to put in a four-digit code before the siren sounds.

You can also set it to chime when the door is opened, alerting you to when family members or friends enter and exit your home. This is a great, easy way to keep your front door secure. It is inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of setting up or keeping track of easy-to-lose key fobs.


So travel often and stay safe while you do!

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