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A Money Belt and Other Tips To Travel Safe

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than the idea of being in a foreign country without your vital documents. Imagine losing your cash, ID, and passport and having to find an embassy or consulate in order to make it back home. Unfortunately, thieves and pickpockets are an important factor to consider when it comes to keeping your cash and identity safe. Fortunately, there are steps to take to ensure that you are never stuck somewhere without the things that you need to both travel further, and to make it home.

Travel Safe Tips

Before visiting a foreign, dangerous, or densely populated area, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Scan vital documents like passports and visas and email them to yourself.
  • Print your full itinerary, and keep a copy in your email account.
  • Have a plan for how to obtain foreign currency, either via exchanging your own cash or visiting and ATM.
  • Alert your bank that you will be travelling, so that your account will not be frozen due to suspicious activity.

Once you are at your destination, take the following steps to ensure that you return home safely, and with everything you came with (minus the cost of souvenirs, of course!):

  • Separate your cash, i.e. some in your hotel room, some in your wallet, some in your pocket, etc.
  • Only bring the cash you will need for the day with you at any given time.
  • Consider a decoy wallet that you can give to muggers in the result of a robbery.
  • Consider wearing a money belt to keep your vital documents secure and on your person.

Which Money Belt Will You Bring?

A money belt may seem dramatic, especially for the savvy travelers among us, but it only takes one slip up, an unzipped purse or a distracted moment for your most important items to be taken from you. So the next time you are visiting somewhere with a high crime rate, consider purchasing and wearing a money belt listed below.

This is a traditional money belt. It resembles a slim fanny pack, and is meant to be worn underneath clothing. The belt can be adjusted between 28” and 44”, and is made of a comfortable, stretchy material. It consists of two zippered pockets and one Velcro pocket that is large enough to fit a standard smartphone.

The pockets themselves are RFID blocking and water resistant, but they are still thin and light enough to be worn right against the body. The pockets can easily hold cash, IDs, a passport, a small map, and a smartphone. If you have a tendency to misplace things, or are just particularly worried about pick pockets, this money belt is a great way to ensure that all of your items remain safe and secure on your person.


If you are not a fan of wrapping an extra belt around yourself, but still want to keep your money and valuables hidden, consider this travel belt wallet. It doesn’t have an attached strap. Instead, it has an embedded clip that can be worn on the inside of your waist seam.

It is ultra slim and comfortable to wear. This money belt can easily hold credit cards and cash. With this wallet, the only way someone would be able to pick your pocket is if they actually upzip your pants!


This product really takes the term “money belt” literally. It is a unisex nylon belt with an interior hidden pocket. Domestic and foreign cash folded lengthwise can be slid into the interior of the belt. Keys and thumb-drives can also be included.

This is not an effective solution for passports or smartphones, but is a great way to keep a stash of emergency cash with you at all times. The belt will fit pant sizes 26”-40” and is fully adjustable. The zipper pocket runs along about 24” of the belt’s interior, so you can hold quite a bit in there.

One International traveler said they were pleased with the quality and how much this money belt could hold.


If you aren’t a fan of wearing anything around your waist, but still want to keep your important items on your person, then consider this wallet on a string, which can be work around your neck. The wallet is large enough to fit a passport, several credit cards, and cash. It even has a windowed slot for your government ID.

It is made of ripstop nylon, which will wick away moisture. This material also makes it comfortable to wear against your skin, even for a long period of time. It comes in five different colors, including light and dark colors that you can wear under a variety of clothing colors and styles. The cord that you wear around your neck is adjustable, so you can adjust it to your comfort level.

If you plan on wearing looser clothing, or something that doesn’t require a belt, this is a fantastic solution for you.


Money Belt and Other Items

If you are worried about your items during your time abroad, consider keeping them doubly secure by keeping your cash, cards, and vital documents safe in a money belt. You can also lock up your luggage with a TSA approved lock. If you prefer to keep your passport in a passport holder, we’ve got some options for you.

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