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What Should I Pack for a Winter in Europe Vacation?

Winter in Europe is a great time to explore the many scenic locations. The weather is chilly but mild, the crowds have cleared out, and you are much more likely to get a more authentic local experience. Considering that the normal tourist crowd waits until spring and summer to visit, the lack of lines during the winter months will mean you can fit in more sightseeing and activities!

Whether you are curling up under a blanket in a Venetian gondola, braving the rain in merry ol’ London, or testing your limits skiing the Swiss Alps, wintering in Europe is glamorous and more than worth the trip.

Just make sure you are prepared for the chilly weather and likelihood of precipitation. Below are a couple of items we recommend for a winter in Europe vacation. Be sure to stock up and hit the road!

Whether you are looking up directions, trying to find a good restaurant, or snapping the perfect selfie, you are definitely going to want to use your smartphone during your winter in Europe trip. Considering that there is nothing worse than numb, wind-chapped digits, it is important to keep your hands warm and covered. These gloves from Eddis are thin and light, yet warm and wind resistant.

The best part? They are sensitive to touch screens, which means you can operate your phone while keeping your hands warm and cozy. They fit both men and women and they come in a neutral black color, which means they will work with almost any outfit. So stay warm, and don’t let your Instagram feed fall victim to limited phone use.


Pendleton Wool Sweaters

When it comes to keeping warm in cooler or even cold temperatures, layering is key. You had better have a warm, cozy sweater underneath whichever coat you choose to wear, and it is absolutely impossible to go wrong with Pendleton wool. Wool is one of those magical materials that keeps you insulated without overheating or making you sweaty.

Pendleton is a luxurious, respected brand that constructs their garment completely out of wool. A pull-on sweater is a great choice for layering. You can easily put a t-shirt or blouse underneath it, and a jacket will fit easily on top. Pendleton sweaters come in a variety of muted, neutral yet beautiful colors, and can easily be dressed up or down to fit whichever occasion requires your presence.

For Men:


For Women:


If you are going to spend some of your winter in Europe, you are opting to sacrifice weather for crowds. Rain and snow are pretty likely, so it is smart to come prepared. This small little travel umbrella will easily keep your head and shoulders dry, all while being compact enough to fit into even the smallest of carry-on luggage.

It also comes with a great hard-sided carrying case, which will keep the inside of your bag safe from a wet umbrella. It comes in dozens of bright colors and patterns but features a classic umbrella design which will look chic and stylish on any European street.


Chilly ears can quickly turn a lovely winter’s day into an exercise in endurance and frustration. However, a winter in Europe often includes listening to audio tours explaining the art, architecture, and history around you. Instead of choosing between that valuable information and comfortable ears, opt for these music muffs!

These classic fuzzy ear muffs contain HD drivers which play music or other audio files right against your ears. This way, you can stay warm and informed! The manufacturer claims that “Music Muffs were created with the fashion-forward techie in mind,” which is great for anyone who wants to look great, while still accessing information from their smartphone. They even come in a variety of colors and styles.


Keeping your feet warm is vitally important – especially if you are going to be spending hours exploring a new city, or days up on the slopes skiing. Just like the sweaters listed above, wool is the way to go for a winter in Europe trip. SmartWool has been making soft, lightweight, ridiculously warm socks for years now.

They will hardly feel different than your favorite pair of athletic socks. Yet your feet will barely notice if there is a drop in temperature or if you refuse to seek heat even after hours of touring outdoor monuments. These hiking socks feature medium cushion, flat knit toe seams, and an elasticized arch brace for additional support. They are even machine washable. These socks are grey but come with a variety of different accent colors.


If you really want to keep warm from head to toe, make sure to wrap up your shoulders and neck with a SmartWool scarf. It will keep you warm without feeling scratchy or too hot, and the chunky knit construction ensures that you will stay warm no matter how harrowing the weather. It comes in three neutral colors, which is great for matching to your different outfits.

This winter in Europe must have also features some braided fringe and poms at the end for an added element of style. A scarf can instantly transform you from slightly chilly to perfectly comfortable. Just pair this with a heavy coat, a lightweight jacket, or even your indoor lounge attire, and you will feel warm and cozy no matter how bitter the cold or biting the wind.


Winter in Europe Packing List Summary

When planning a winter in Europe holiday, be sure to pack layers. Make sure you’re ready for the rain, including getting soaked in rain and having layers to dry off with. Additionally, shops and restaurants are often warm and cozy, so finding clothing that will keep you comfortable is ideal. Enjoy those empty European streets that will not be as secluded, calm, and lovely come spring!

If you’re looking for more pieces to keep your winter in Europe trip a success, be sure to check out our recommendations for winter boots, convertible travel pieces, and collapsible bags for those extra souvenirs.

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