The Best Glamping Accessories For a More Fabulous Trip

Camping is a fantastic summer and fall activity. All you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, and some kindling for a roaring fire. You can reconnect with nature, stargaze, and cook your meals right over an open flame. For many, rustic camping sounds like a fantastic time, but for others, it sounds like an exercise in stiff backs and self-torture.

There are plenty of people out there who want to enjoy nature but on a more comfortable level. Time in nature does not need to include sleeping on the ground. For those people, a new type of camping has emerged – glamping!

What is glamping and what are glamping accessories?

Glamping, or “glamorous camping” is essentially, camping in comfort. The simple addition of luxurious accessories turns your campsite into an Instagram-worthy outdoor resort. So if you like the idea of sleeping outdoors, but don’t want to sacrifice the creature comforts of home, then stock up on these glamping accessories and have a fabulous time!

Nothing defines a campsite more than the bedding. This gorgeous Pendleton blanket will transform any camp cot into a more luxurious rustic experience. This beautifully stripped blanket is 86% wool and 14% cotton, which will keep you snug and warm during those cold nights spent away from central heating.

The leather carrier makes it stylish and easy to transport. Pendleton is a trusted brand – just remember that it is dry clean only! Whether you are using this as a bedspread, a tablecloth, or a decorative tapestry, this beautiful blanket turns your campsite into a glampsite.


Every campsite needs a good camp chair. But you are glamping, not camping, so you cannot bring along just any chair. This folding chair is padded and covered in super soft plush fabric that almost resembles faux-fur. This simple chair instantly makes your spot around the fire high-end.

The chair itself is over-sized, which is perfect for lounging, and the included cup holder means you won’t have to strain yourself getting up and down to retrieve your beverage. It folds up and transports like a regular camp chair, which means you can have the fantastic experience of surprising and delighting your glamping mates when you whip out this luxurious chair, which comes in five beautiful colors. Talk about convenient glamping accessories!


Glamping meals should never be enjoyed on disposable plates or even standard tin plates. Instead, bring along this fabulous picnic set to feel like you are enjoying a five-course meal, even from deep in the woods. These glamping accessories can even be used for other outdoor events.

This full picnic set comes conveniently stored in an easy-to-transport backpack, and even includes a wine bottle holder, and a cooler compartment for your gourmet perishables (think charcuterie and cheese samples). The fleece blanket can be used as a picnic blanket or a tablecloth, and the cloth napkins will make you feel like you are dining in the finest of restaurants. Even hotdogs and beans eaten off of this flat wear will feel more high-end.


A big part of many people’s morning routine is a hot, steamy espresso drink. Whether made at home on a Nespresso machine or picked up from the local Starbucks, espresso offers that kick-in-the-butt energy jolt that a lot of people rely on to start their day. There is absolutely no reason to skip this tradition during your glamping trip.

Instead of choking down some instant coffee at your campsite, use this hand-pressed espresso maker to create a strong, coffeehouse quality drink tent-side. Take your time, hand press yourself a deluxe coffee, and enjoy the great outdoors!


Lighting solutions are a huge part of camping. Whether it is a large flashlight, an outdoor latern, or newly popular battery powered fairy lights, everyone at the campground is trying to ward away the darkness once the sun goes down. Glamping is far too special for simple camp lanterns, so instead of relying on battery-powered light bulbs, set a more romantic tone by setting up these flameless candles.

The light they cast resembles traditional wick candles, but they are actually battery powered led light bulbs. They will keep your campsite safe and illuminated in a really relaxing way, all night long. Spread these out around your tent and your campsite to create mini oases of warm, romantic light, and enjoy your luxurious night away!


Cuisine is another aspect of a glamping trip that can quickly and easily elevate you out of mere camping. In order to set up a gourmet meal, you will need a way to keep your perishables and your beverages cool. This trendy picnic cooler comes in two styles with four color options. It is sure to stand out from all of the other Igloos and camping coolers out there.

Not only is it a cooler, it’s also a table. This versatile glamping accessories must-have will give your entire glampsite a vintage, classic vibe. It has a drain plug for easy clean-up and is made from 100% recyclable, durable, weather-resistant plastic resin material. We love glamping accessories that are also eco-friendly!


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