Best Carry On Luggage Reviews

Getting the best carry on luggage can be a challenge. It has to be the right size, right weight, and the right style for you. If you get a carry on bag that is too large, you may wind up having to pay to check it to your final destination. Opting for something that is too heavy may leave you strained and fatigued as you lug it through an airport. Picking something that doesn’t speak to your personal style may result in having a hard time identifying it in the overhead bin or on the luggage carousel. If you want something lighter you can consider one of the best tumi backpacks. 

So what is the best way to find a piece of carry on luggage without purchasing and trying out every single one? Check out the reviews. Amazon has a fantastic review process, and when something works well, the reviewers will let you know. It is almost like trying out each piece vicariously through others.

Below are our four favorite carry on luggage pieces with fantastic reviews.

Best Carry On Luggage Reviews: Luggage With Wheels

The classic carry on luggage choice is a petite wheeled suitcase. This one is particularly great as a carry on since it features a hard-shell and an innovative front compartment for easy access to personal items. This way you can store your laptop, a light jacket, and anything else you may want to use during your flight in the front pocket. Your clothing, toiletries, and everything else can be stored in the main compartment so that you may access it at your final destination.

The four spinner wheels make this bag easy to transport while the classic gray color means it will coordinate with nearly any travel outfit you choose to wear.

To top it all off, here is a glowing review:

“I love my suitcase! I was torn between having a hard case that I’d never have to worry about fitting in the overhead compartments, but also with having access to my tech items that a soft case brings. This is the perfect combination of both! I was able to get to my necessary items with ease and still pack all my clothes with no problem.”


Best Carry On Luggage Reviews: Under Seat Luggage

With budget airlines growing in popularity, luggage restrictions means that everyone is looking for the perfect under seat bag. This petite piece of luggage is lightweight and features a large main compartment with additional front and side pockets. It is soft-sided, which makes it a bit more flexible for when you need to get it stored away for takeoff. Plus, the stylish two-tone leather detailing makes it a stylish and distinctive choice.

It comes in ten beautiful color options and features a telescopic push button handle and two wheels for easy transportation. Here is the best carry on luggage review for this under seat gem:

“I was looking for something that would carry all of those things you don’t want to risk in checked baggage, but with wheels. This is perfect. Small enough to fit under the front seat but with plenty of accessible pockets. I particularly like the pocket in front that allows for travel documents. Also, the side pockets for a book or water or any other electronics without dragging out the whole bag to get something. The look is very classic. I think a lot of fellow travelers will be asking about this one.”


Best Carry On Luggage Reviews: Carry On Backpacks

If you prefer to carry your items on your back during travel, then you cannot go wrong with this classic SwissGear piece. It has one main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve, padded shoulder straps, and even an add-a-bag strap which allows this backpack to be placed on top of wheeled luggage. There are several smaller zippered pockets, and an attached carabineer to store things on the outside of your bag as well as the inside.

This piece offers a lot of storage and is comfortable to wear. With all of that considered, here is some third-party validation from a fantastic Amazon review:

“Really love this backpack. Purchased it as a secondary bag for a trip to Europe and now I use it constantly for 2-5 day trips. It’s the perfect combination of a backpack and a small suitcase. It opens up just like a suitcase so you can pack clothing shoes etc… Plenty of convenient pockets and compartments including a safe compartment for a laptop Ipad etc..I also love how the straps easily tuck away into their own compartment so it can be carried by a side or top handle. I’ve had it for about 3 mos now so far its very durable no issues or damages. Highly recommend the quality and organizational design if you’re looking for a medium sized versatile travel backpack.”


Best Carry On Luggage Reviews: Carry On Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is another classic carry on choice. They are spacious, easy to pack, and can be held by either hand straps or an over-the-shoulder strap. This duffel bag is made from fine buffalo leather and features metal zippers and a water-resistant lining. The more the bag is used, the more worn-in and rustic it will start to look, making it a stylish choice for any causal traveler.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say in a review:

“The photo actually does not do this bag justice. It is extremely attractive, holds its shape well when empty and is surprisingly spacious. It can easily accommodate two or three days’ worth of clothes, plus toiletries. I need mine to carry two 13 inch laptops when I travel. I can lay these flat in their cases, which means they take up only a fraction of the space. The inside of the bag is not cluttered with a lot of dividers and pockets, making it a lot more flexible than a lot of travel or cabin bags. If you want bells and whistles, this is not the bag for you. But if you are looking for a functional bag with nice thick leather and a classic look for a good price, I think you will be pleased.”


Summary of the Best Carry On Luggage Reviews

With these best carry on luggage reviews, you can make an intelligent, informed choice on your next purchase. Whether you are traveling by train, plane, or automobile, these items can make your journey all the better. Grab a bag and hit the road!

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