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Apple Watch Bands to Protect Your Investment

Apple products are incredibly useful, ridiculously pervasive, and insanely homogenous. If you don’t want to be using the same computer, talking on the same phone, or glancing at the same watch as everybody else, then there is only one thing to do – accessorize! Whether it is a MacBook skin, a collage of stickers, or a unique phone case, accessorizing Apple products is a great way to stand out and assert individuality.

This is even true for Apple’s smaller smart technology, the Apple watch. With the Series 4 Apple Watch newly available, it is becoming increasingly common to have this handy little smart device on their wrist. But there are still ways to customize it!

Apple Watch Band Picks for Travelers

Apple has made it easy to take off and replace the Apple watch band, and thousands of manufacturers have risen to the occasion and designed new, innovative, and stylish bands. This way, you can assert individuality, explore more comfortable materials, and even stay safe and disguise your Apple watch to look like a normal watch during travel.

Below are the seven best Apple watch bands available now – just choose the style that is right for you!

If your goal is to make your smart watch look like a regular watch, then you can’t go wrong with this classic leather band. The soft leather will feel great against your wrist and will turn the somewhat sporty looking Apple Watch into something classic and timeless, with just a hint of innovation. It is a smart device, after all!

This band can be worn by men or women, and it comes in a camel colored brown and a lovely black. This is made of real, genuine leather, and as such the manufacturer warns that due to the “natural variability of the Crazy Horse leather used int his band, the color may vary somewhat. However the style, quality, and everything else [is] all the same.”


This replacement band is like an elevated version of the one that already comes with your watch. It comes in the six colors you can get the watch in; rose gold, black, silver, space gray, champagne gold, and light gold. But, instead of being made of silicone, it is made of stainless steel.

The result is a stylish yet elegant Apple watch band that will sit flush against your wrist. This particular Apple wrist band closes with a strong magnet. This is a great watch for anyone who likes the look of the Apple Watch right out of the box but doesn’t necessarily love the feel or the homogony of the out-of-the-box band. This band will look slightly classier while matching your watch exactly. It is the perfect marriage of style and subtlety.


WONMILLE Bracelet for Apple Watch Band, Classy Stainless Steel Cuff Jewelry iWatch Bands

If you are looking for something a bit fancier than a regular watchband, then this bangle-inspired band is the right way to go. It consists of two elegant curved metal pieces that come together with a delicate drawstring. On your wrist, it will look like an expensive piece of jewelry. However, this also has the ability to track exercise and display emails.

It comes in several metallic colors, like silver, champagne gold, and rose gold. This Apple watch band will absolutely blend in with your other bracelets and jewelry, and will likely earn you many compliments!

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eLander Stainless Steel Metal Strap Business Replacement Band for Apple Watch

This is another replacement band that looks like a traditional watchband. But instead of leather, it is made of linked metal. It has a classic look that works both casually and formally, and it snaps together snugly on your wrist. This Apple wrist band is made of premium stainless steel with a high-tech surface finish.

It will blend perfectly with the metal detailing on your Apple Watch. At the same time, it blends nicely with any outfit you pair it with. If you like the idea of a unique, but high-tech look to your smartwatch, then this band is the perfect choice for you.

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The Apple Watch is a fantastic sports tracker. It can count your steps, your heart rate, and the minutes of exercise you get every day. Plus, it is a great tool for setting and achieving fitness goals. If you plan on using the Apple Watch as your primary fitness tracker, that means you will want a band that doesn’t collect sweat and smell.

This silicone band with breathable air vents is the perfect choice for you! It is soft, flexible, and very comfortable, and it won’t leave a nasty sweat ring around your wrist. It even comes in sixteen one and two-tone color combinations. This allows you to match this band to the colors you wear the most often. Work hard, train hard, and make sure you have the best Apple watch band around your wrist.


Last but not least, if you are looking to draw attention to your fantastic and high-tech accessory with pattern and print, you cannot go wrong with this brightly colored floral wristband. Made of comfortable and flexible silicone, these bands come in three different, eye-catching patterns.

The print is double-sided, so it will look good from every angle. Plus, it will definitely look great with the rose gold or champagne gold apple watch. If you are looking for something bright and fun with a great element of style and whimsy, then strap these bands in place and wait for the compliments to roll in.


So grab a watch, grab a wristband and stand out from the crowd!

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