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Our Beach Packing List For Summer Fun

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. For Americans everywhere, that usually means one of the following activities: BBQ, pool party, backyard games, or last but not least…a day at the beach! A trip to the beach is a fantastic way to soak up some sun, enjoy fresh air, relax, and recharge. But as every beach-goer knows, you will need to bring along some equipment if you are going to truly enjoy your stay in the sand. So grab some essentials (maybe some extras too), and hightail it to the nearest waterfront for a fantastic day off!

A towel or blanket to sit on is the most basic of beach essentials that should be on everyone’s beach packing list. This blanket has some fantastic features that really make it stand out from the crowd. First of all, it is huge. Measuring in at 9’ x 10’, it can comfortably fit your entire family.

Secondly, the outer edge is lined with pockets meant to weigh the blanket down, either by filling with rocks or sand. It also comes with some metal stakes that will keep it in place on a lawn or another grassy area. Sand brushes right off of the surface, and the entire blanket folds down to only 4” x 8”, making it compact and easy to transport. It comes in four fun colors.


That Live Infinity beach blanket is great for lounging but does not double as a towel. You will definitely need something to dry yourself off with after you take a dip in the water. Turkish towels are all the rage right now. They are compact, quick drying, and easy to transport.

They are also super stylish and will work well as a make-shift cover-up in case you get chilly. This one comes in five colors and will fit nicely in whichever beach bag you decide to bring with you.


If you are excited to lounge on the beach but aren’t a huge fan of resting in direct sunlight, then invest in this easy to use pop up sun shelter! This little tent is closed on three sides but opens on one end, which allows you to lay fully while keeping all or most of your body in shade.

It folds down into a compact little carrying case for easy transport, and even features mesh windows on the sides for easy ventilation. This is one of those beach packing list essentials that you didn’t even realize you needed until you try it out.


Sun shelters are great, but if you plan on walking around, swimming, or playing games at the beach, make sure you’ve got some sunscreen on you for protection! This sports sunscreen is designed to stay on you while you sweat, and will remain water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. The continuous spray makes it easy to apply. With three in a pack, you should be set for awhile. This is a beach packing list must-have.


It’s always nice to have something to read at the beach. But if you cannot make up your mind on what to bring with you, then make sure you’ve got this ereader in your bag! You will have instant access to over a million titles, many at $2.99 or less. A single charge will last for weeks at a time, and the no-glare screen means that you can even read in direct sunlight. This is a fantastic way to enjoy books, magazines, and articles from nearly anywhere.


So you’ve got a blanket, a towel, a sun shelter, some sunscreen, and an e-reader on your beach packing list. Now you need a way to transport it all from your home or car to your spot on the sand! This large, lightweight beach tote is made of mesh, which keeps it well ventilated and sand-free.

Plus, it is large enough to fit all of your beach day essentials! It consists of eight large pockets, which will help you to keep your items separated and organized. The design is simple and generic enough to match any beach outfit you may choose to wear.


What’s a day at the beach without some snacks and something cold to drink? Having a cooler on the beach is fantastic, but it is often super tricky and annoying to transport back and forth over uneven boardwalks and loose sand. Instead, opt for this cooler backpack!

Insulated and leak proof, and large enough to fit 24 cans! It consists of the main insulated pocket for anything you would like to keep cool, plus two outside pockets and two side mesh pockets for additional items. Stay hydrated and keep cool with the beach packing list essential.


A beach chair is another great thing to have with you, but can be difficult to transport. This chair solves that problem by including two shoulder straps that allow you to wear it as a backpack! So now, all you have to do is throw it over your shoulder and you have a mobile, and easy to move place to sit.

This chair also comes with a built in neck pillow and cup holder, so you can stay comfortable all day long. It comes in twelve fun colors and patterns, so everyone in your party can choose their own!


Bonus Beach Packing List Item!

If you are visiting a beach or waterfront that has a lot of trees, then skip the beach chair and blanket and bring along this lightweight hammock instead. This nylon hammock weighs only 17 oz, but measures an astounding 105” x 65”, and can support up to 1100lb.

It comes with a built-in carrying case, and two carabineers and nylon ropes which allow you to affix it nearly any tree, post, or lifeguard house safely. This beach packing list (possibly essential?) item comes in an amazing sixteen color varieties and is comfortable enough to lounge in all day!


So the next time you think to yourself “a day at the beach sounds nice,” be sure to refer to this beach packing list!

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