Air Porter Carry-On Bag Review

One of the biggest concerns while traveling is figuring out what to pack and how to pack within the allowed baggage dimensions. Having a reliable carry-on bag that fits comfortably underneath the airplane seat is my goal every time I pack; I don’t like bothering with overhead bins and fussing with bulky roller-bags if I can avoid it. Thankfully, there is a carry-on designed specifically for this purpose. Its versatility makes it indispensable both on and off the plane.

air porter carry-on

The Air Porter Carry-On Bag Features

Enter the Air Porter Carry-On Bag. The Air Porter is a sleek, “personal item” sized carry-on. The bag measures 15 inches in length, 4.5 inches in width, and 10.25 inches in height. It is perfect for gingerly sliding underneath the seat in front of me while still leaving some extra legroom to stretch out.

It comes in Black Ballistic Nylon as well as Waxed Canvas, giving consumers the choice between a classic feel or a more rustic vibe.

Interior Features

This bag was designed to hold all of the essentials, each in their own individual place. It features two main zipped compartments which were specifically crafted for different purposes. The first zipped compartment encloses a TSA-approved padded laptop compartment. There are also two hand pockets that can hold charging cables or hard drives.

The second main zipped compartment features a key tether (so I know exactly where my house and car keys are hanging) as well as several other hand pockets. These can hold anything from extra charging cables to writing utensils, from tissues to small snacks. Depending on what I stuff into the hand pockets, I’ve even had room for a change of clothes or, at least, an extra pair of socks.

Exterior Features

The outside of the Air Porter contains a front pocket enclosed by a magnetic flap. This allows for easy access to things that I like to keep handy while I’m in transit. There are also two (very convenient) snap-shut pockets on both sides of the bag. These are perfect for storing my umbrella as well as the empty water bottle I will fill after I clear the security check.

The bag comes with a feature that allows the bag to slip over the handle of a rolling suitcase. This is a great option for easy, compact luggage mobility for when I’m not traveling quite as light. Also, the Air Porter comes with an optional strap that attaches with lobster-claw clasps and features a shoulder pad for optimal, targeted comfort.

In addition to the Air Porter itself, a secondary caddy can be added as an option. The caddy fits easily in the seat pocket in front of me, measuring 12 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width, and 8 inches in height, featuring a main zipped compartment as well as a front zipped compartment.

The main compartment is large enough to hold a passport, phone charger, writing utensils, a tablet, and more. I can easily slip my phone, boarding pass or receipts into the front pocket, and the entire caddy can slip into the front pocket of the Air Porter itself for easy access. The entire setup is a minimalist packer’s dream.

Additional Perks of the Air Porter Carry-On Bag

On top of the Air Porter’s ability to contain most (if not all) of my gadgets and carry-on supplies during travel, the bag and the caddy are both completely waterproof. No worries if I spill my coffee while running to my gate or someone bumps me on the jet bridge; my documents and gadgets are always kept safe while inside the Air Porter.

The Air Porter has become one of my favorite travel essentials after just a few trips. I can hardly remember what it was like traveling without it. Say goodbye to bulky bags full of loose items and say hello to the compact, sleek, artfully designed Air Porter Carry-On Bag.

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