Which Air Mattress Should You Bring Camping?

Sleeping outdoors is great. You get the natural sounds of nature to lull you to sleep, an amazing view of the stars and Milky Way, and a soft breeze that is difficult to replicate in a bedroom. Of course, there are some not-so-great elements to sleeping outside as well. Namely, that you are away from your comfortable (and often taken for granted) mattress.

Fortunately, generations of campers have realized that sleeping outdoors does not have to mean a compromise on comfort. People have developed some seriously impressive air mattress that will keep you off of the hard ground. With one of these in your luggage, you may never sleep indoors again.

With this air mattress, you do not have to worry about an air pump or a super-human lung capacity. Simply remove the mattress from it’s carrying case, and dual valves allow the compressible urethane foam core to expand and inflate. It is 4 inches thick, which will comfortably keep you off of the ground, but isn’t so large that it takes up too much vertical space in your tent.

This mattress is extra large, measuring 80” x 3“ x 4”. When it is rolled it measures 7” x 31” and weighs 6.75 lbs. It isn’t ideal for long backpacking trips. But for a weekend away, it is a great and super comfortable accessory to have with you.


If you are looking for a no-muss, no-fuss air mattress, this is a great classic option to have in your closet. This queen-sized bed can be inflated quickly through an extra-wide valve via hand pump, and it even comes with two blow-up pillows!

It has a plush top, which will help keep you warm and saves you from that icky plastic-on-skin feeling. This is a great air mattress for couples or families looking to spend a few nights camping. It is comfortable, easy to set up and break down, and practically guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.


If you plan on spending a long time outdoors or plan to backpack to your camping site and only have a limited amount of packing space, this self-inflating sleeping pad is a great option. This air mattress is a great way to keep yourself comfortable at night without adding too much bulk to your luggage.

It comes with an attached pillow, which means you will have even less to carry, and still only weighs 3.3lbs. When rolled up an stored, it measures only 15” x 7”, and can easily be attached to the bottom or the outside of a backpack. If you are looking to hike all day, but are not looking forward to curling up on the ground to sleep, this thin little air mattress is the right solution for you.


If sleeping on the ground still gives you the heebie jeebies, or if you are maybe looking for some more storage space in a small tent, then an air mattress on top of a cot is a great solution for you. This way, your bed is collapsible and easily transportable, but still effective in keeping you off of the ground. You can store a backpack or shoes underneath the cot, effectively using your vertical space for storage.

This sturdy steel cot can support up to 300lbs. Additionally, the airtight system with a double lock valve on the air mattress prevents your bed from leaking. The mattress can be easily inflated via an air pump. When it is all collapsed and packed together, it measures only 38” x 11” x 9”. It isn’t tiny, but it can easily be thrown into a trunk for a weekend away or into a closet at home for storage. This is a great choice for anyone looking to replicate the bedroom experience outdoors.


If you are a fan of two-in-one travel pieces, then this air mattress is going to blow you away. When it is blown up and folded in place, it is actually a sofa! When you are ready for bed, just unfurl the seat cushions and your couch magically becomes a queen-sized air mattress!

This is a fantastic option for anyone camping with a family or group of friends. You can use the couch during the day and then sleep on the mattress at night. Or, if you want to save space in a large family tent during the day, you can use it as a couch during the day in order to enjoy floor space, and then unfold it at night for sleeping.

You can also eliminate the need for camp chairs. It can easily be inflated with an air pump and has a plush top that will contribute to keeping you warm during your ventures in the great outdoors.


This air mattress is slim and compact, which is great for backpacking and adventure camping. It is also insulated, which make it great for all 4 seasons of camping. It is constructed of V-Shaped air chambers, which help to trap warm air against your body. This air mattress even features side rails that will prevent you from rolling right off of the mattress in your sleep.

The manufacturer claims that “The V channel design limits air movement for consistent comfort and thermal performance, and light, lofty Klymalite synthetic insulation adds a layer of winter warmth”. Add to that the fact that it weighs only 2.1lbs, and this air mattress is hard to resist!


This air mattress is designed for two people, so if you are camping as a couple, a family, or just close friends, this is a great solution for you. The two-way Boston valve and lightspeed patented stabilizer system to adjust the firmness to keep you comfortable all night long.

When inflated, it measures 79” x 55” x 7”, which gives you a lot of room to roll around but doesn’t take up your vertical tent space. It comes with a battery operated pump and storage bag that can fit your deflated mattress and the pump. This is a great choice for anyone who will not be camping alone.


So figure out which air mattress best fits your camping style, and enjoy your night under the stars.

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