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Accessories Every Traveler Should Have Regardless of Experience

Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, domestically or internationally, for a few days or for weeks at a time, there are a few accessories every traveler should have at the ready. These items will help make your life easier during transport, and at your final destination.

Store them in your suitcase when they are not in use, and pick and choose which ones you need based on each trip. By stocking up on these accessories every traveler should have in advance, you are sure to be prepared for any family vacation, weekend getaway, or last second business trip.

This outlet converter works in over 200 countries, including Italy, Israel, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, China, Ireland, Korea, and Brazil. It can handle one plug-in device at a time but has four USB ports for you to charge up all of your devices. Remember that this is an adapter, not a converter, so if you are visiting a country that offers more electrical power per outlet than your own, take care not to fry your devices.

This adapter is small and convenient to pack and even comes with its own carrying case. Nothing is worse than getting to your international destination only to discover that you cannot plug anything in. Make sure that you are never in that situation again by leaving this adapter in your suitcase for whenever you travel!


This toothbrush case sanitizes your toothbrush and kills potentially harmful bacteria via highly efficient UV light bulbs. The light is activated the moment the toothbrush is closed in the case, and automatically shuts off after five minutes. The case can fit most manual toothbrushes and electric heads, and the case is slim enough to comfortably fit in suitcases, backpacks, and purses.

It is powered by AAA batteries, but considering the light automatically shuts itself off, you should not have to change them very frequently. Whenever you spend a night away from home you risk exposure to new and unfamiliar germs. This case ensures that your toothbrush is clean and safe for every use.

So whether you have set your toothbrush on the counter of a hotel bathroom, the edge of a public sink, or anywhere else that is questionable, you can rest easy knowing that it will be clean and sanitized within five minutes of plopping it back into this case.


Safe water sources are not always a guarantee during travel. If you are reluctant to continually purchase bottled water, but still want to carry safe-to-drink water, then invest in this water bottle that has a built-in filter. The hollow fiber membrane water filter removes bacteria and protozoa from water sources as rustic as lakes and streams. The 2-stage activated carbon filter reduces odor and leaves zero after taste.

The 23-ounce leak-proof water bottle is made of BPA-free Tritan and has a silicone mouthpiece. You will need to periodically change the filter, but filters are affordable and easy to swap out. So the next time you want to do the environmentally friendly thing and carry a reusable water bottle, but are nervous about the safety of your water source, use the LifeStraw!


Vaseline is incredibly versatile and is an absolute must for the avid traveler. This one little tube of petroleum jelly can be used as a lotion, make-up remover, and a salve for minor scrapes and burns. If you want to avoid bloody noses or contracting illnesses in closed spaces like trains and airplanes, put just a bit of Vaseline on the inside of your nostrils before you board your train or fly.

This tube is convenient to travel with, and will easily fit most toiletry kits. One reviewer praised the shape and design of the bottle, saying how convenient and sanitary it was to use compared to a jar. Stock up and save on this accessories every traveler should have essential.


This collapsible duffle bag is an absolute must for anyone planning to do some shopping during their trip. It can be transported to your destination in its compact form, then expanded to fit any and all souvenirs. Plus, it will fit under the seat in front of you if you are traveling by plane. The conveniently sewn side panel allows it to be slipped over the expanded handle of a wheely bag and carried atop another piece of luggage.

It comes in seven fun colors and is made of strong, lightweight, waterproof nylon. It can also make a superb dirty laundry bag. So the next time you travel with souvenirs and shopping in mind, make sure you have this little piece of backup luggage with you. It is one of those accessories every traveler should have that can be used in several ways.


This is definitely one of those accessories every traveler should have and is necessary for international travel. The three-compartment coin purse is perfect for separating different forms of currency, and the key-chain zipper makes it easy to affix to a bag or belt-loop, making it difficult for muggers or pick-pockets to lift it from your person.

It comes in six colors, and will definitely help you to stay organized. The main compartment is large enough to hold credit cards and bills, and the two front zipper compartments can help you to keep different coins separated and organized. Keep one of these in your luggage and never again dig through a wallet or pocket full of mixed currency.


Here are just a few accessories every traveler should have. What would you add to the list?

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