9 Best Travel Suitcases

Wherever you travel, whatever your travel needs, there’s a travel suitcase out there for you. Regardless of style, function or fit — you can find it. Here are just a few that we think you’ll love.

1. The Raden Smart Travel Suitcase

We named the Raden Smart Luggage one of the best travel gifts this year, and for a good reason. It’s sleek and stylish, coming in seven colors, and either gloss or matte, with four wheels for ultimate mobility and a hard shell that can’t be cracked, bent or broken. However, that’s only where the fun starts. The magic behind this suitcase comes in its tech abilities. It can connect with your smartphone to show you where your suitcase happens to be at any given moment, and then has a built-in scale to weigh your bag before you end up paying an extra fee at the airport. The battery can charge your phone fully, up to four times, and it can also charge two phones simultaneously. It comes in two sizes, 8 lb. or 13 lb., and starts at $595.

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2. The Tumi International Carry-On

This incredibly durable carry-on ($995) boasts a super-stylish design that you’ll never lose in a crowd. The aluminum body stands at 22 inches, and weighs a light 11 lb., and has two TSA-integrated combination locks, a three-stage telescoping handle, retractable top and side handles and four dual-spinning wheels. Plus the protective bumpers help keep your bag safe just that much more. Inside, there are two mesh zip pockets and tie-down straps. This bag’s value, however, comes from its aluminum durability and overall attractiveness.

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3. Modobag

Starting at $1,395, this is far from your normal carry-on, and you’re sure to get some stares while using it. The first motorized, smart carry-on, it claims it zooms and zips around the airport three times faster than the average traveler can walk. Now, note that it is a startup company, but the suitcases are in production and being delivered as we speak. It can hold riders of up to 260 lb., and has the capabilities to travel up to six miles with a rider. It takes just one hour to fully charge, and can also charge other devices, with two USB ports. The lifetime is 4,000 charges, and that’s a lot of miles traveled.

4. Jurni

The first suitcase made entirely with stylish, tech-savvy pre-teens in mind, Jurni ($105) is a carry-on, sit-on suitcase. It functions as your typical suitcase while in flight, but then also transforms into a cool upright locker when you reach your destination. It has a secret compartment, portable pod and a removable shelf, for stacking all your toiletries in an upright position. It’s so cool, you may end up buying one for your kid…and then saving it for yourself!

5. Rimowa

The German luxury suitcase manufacturer has been at it for more than a century, and they’ve certainly perfected the art. The Topas line includes a patented multi-wheel system, an aluminum-magnesium shell, a combo of lightness and durability that goes unmatched, a flex divider system to match the exact quantity of your belongings and TSA-approved locks. In the line, there’s a lot to choose from, ranging from the five-pound, totally adorable beauty case, to the much larger Topas Multiwheel, at 32×21 inches. While you can’t purchase the suitcases online straight from the manufacturer, you can go with luxury retailers such as Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue, where the cost is upwards of $1,000 for the bigger varieties.

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6. Briggs & Riley Upright Duffle

If you never really grew out of your duffle bag phase, this is the luxury suitcase for you. Briggs & Riley’s Large Upright (two-wheel) Duffle ($529) is stylish and sophisticated, while still maintaining that rugged and relaxed duffle look. There’s a ton of packing space in this 11-pound, 29×18-inch bag, and it can withstand all the turbulence you can handle. Unfortunately, it does only come in one color, but that one color is super-stylish and fits right along with any guy’s (or girl’s) wardrobe.

Compare Briggs & Riley Luggage Here: Briggs & Riley

7. Delsey Paris Comete

For fancy French style and luxury, at a price, you can afford, go with Delsey Paris. The Comete carry-on spinner ($99, for a limited time) is durable and lightweight and has a diamond texture to resist scratches. There are two packing compartments inside, and those four spinner wheels come in handy. Plus, the overall lightweight feel makes it easy to lift up and above your head for cramming into overhead bins.

See Delsey Paris Suitcases Here: Delsey Paris

8. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

If you are going to stick with the duffel bag style, instead of upgrading to the Briggs & Riley version — which, hey, is sometimes necessary if you’re an active traveler — then go for the good stuff, like the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel ($299). The perfect carry-on size, it’s made of polyester ripstop and is totally weather- and waterproof. There are additional reinforced handles, and a wheelset, so you don’t have to lug it around every airport.

Compare Patagonia Duffel Bags: Patagonia Duffel

9. Globe-Trotter

For the ultimate in vintage-style luxury, though, you have to go with the Globe-Trotter ($2,155). The cream fiberboard, paired with the real rose leather, plus the turn lock and buckle-fastening straps — it’d make a high-end rockabilly gal swoon. It weighs 11 lb. and is inspired by the 60s, and is absolutely, undeniably gorgeous. However, to make this one fit in with your travel style, you may have to up the game in the clothing department. This is strictly a no-sweats kind of bag.

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