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5 Best Baby Strollers for Flying

If you have a young child and travel you need to review the best baby strollers. In today’s world, airport terminals are tiny cities unto themselves. In most major urban airports you will encounter dining options, day spas, and luxury retailers, all spread out like a shopping mall with periodic visual interruptions of Arrival and Departure screens.

The sprawl of modern terminals is great for everyone doing business there, but it strikes fear through the heart of anyone traveling with small children. The average 2 year old weights 28 pounds. That may not sound like a ton to anyone who rocks free weights at the gym, but just imagine carrying that 28 pounds on what is at least a 20-minute walk from where the Uber drops you off out front to where your terminal is. Now image you have luggage to deal with too. Now imagine that that 28 pounds is squirming. This is why you need the best stroller possible.


For most parents, a good stroller is an absolute lifesaver. For parents who love to travel, any baby stroller they use will need to have a few key features that make them easy to deal with. Namely, they must be lightweight, collapsible, and versatile. We have done the research and come up with the 5 best strollers for flying, assessed and ranked below. We rated each stroller on a scale of five in each of the three key categories and provided an overall rating for the stroller itself.

Best Baby Strollers for Flying

Graco SnugRider Elite Carseat Carrier

This is a great option for parents who want to keep their children in the safety of their car seat, but there are some drawbacks that may be significant to some parents.

Lightweight: 13.6 lbs. This isn’t even a fully functioning stroller on its own; so don’t forget that you’ll have to add the weight of the car seat too. 2.5

Collapsibility: This stroller collapses in one step, but it doesn’t fold all the way down into carry-on dimensions, which means you will definitely have to gate-check it. 3.5

Versatility: This stroller can really only be used for infant car seats that you have to buy separately. 3.0

Overall rating: 3.0

Where to buy: This is available on Amazon, and costs about $86. Buy it here: Graco SnugRider. Considering that you will have to buy a car seat regardless of the stroller you choose, that cost is actually pretty nice.

Our Copyrighted Consumer Analytics is the outcome of countless hours of product review research. Our research team analyzed thousands of product reviews across the web for this product and have summarized their findings here to help you shop with true and verified insight.


Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier

Most Frequent Con: Nearly all of the critical reviews (and a few positive) said the same thing — they had trouble opening/closing the car seat. A few also mentioned that the stroller is shaky, even on smooth surfaces.

Quirky/Fun Fact: Most people that reviewed have two strollers and use this one for the car because it fits with their carseat and is small enough to fit in compact vehicles.  

Summary of Reviews: Overall, 75% of users gave this stroller 5 stars. Many found this stroller to be a big help, especially when running errands. They liked how light and compact it was, mentioned how convenient it was for use in their vehicles, and found it very useful for short distance trips.

Quinny Yezz Stroller

This almost looks like a jogging stroller with its rollerblade wheels for easy airport navigation. Let’s take a look at the rest of the features.

Lightweight: 13lbs, pretty darn light. 4.0

Collapsibility: This is an umbrella stroller that collapses easily and comes with a shoulder strap. It can fit in overhead compartments as well! 4.5

Versatility: It doesn’t recline, so it should only be used with children 6 months and older, and it is not car seat ready. However, the wheel design makes it great for both interiors and exteriors. Just maybe don’t take it off-roading. 3.5

Overall rating: 4.0

Where to buy: You can get this on Amazon for about $280.00. Buy it here: Quinny Yezz

Maclaren Volo Stroller

Come on, we had to have a Maclaren on the list! Check out the features of this bad boy.

Lightweight: 10.6 lbs. Fantastically light. 4.5

Collapsibility: This one doesn’t collapse down to something tiny, but it does come with a shoulder strap. Gate check will be your only option with this one. 3.5

Versatility: Giant basket which is basically another carry-on, removable and washable baby seat, and a 5 point buckle for when you’re sprinting through the airport and need your little one to stay put. Only rated for children 6 months and older, but still a great stroller. 4.0

Overall Rating: 4.0

Where to buy: Get it on Amazon now for only $130. Link to purchase: Maclaren Volo Stroller.

Pockit Stroller

This stroller isn’t appropriate for newborns, but we think that the important travel features make it an excellent choice for a second stroller.

Lightweight: At only 9.5lbs, we’ve finally found a stroller that is super light. 4.8

Collapsibility: This stroller is absolutely amazing. The Guinness Book of World records named it the smallest folded stroller. Not only will it fit in the overhead compartment, but it will fit under the seat in front of you. 5.0

Versatility: The seat doesn’t recline, and there is no car seat adaptor, but for older kids who can handle sitting up straight, the lack of versatility doesn’t make a huge difference. 3.5

Overall Rating: 4.4

Where to buy: We found it on Baby List for only $180. Get it here: Pockit Stroller

The Mountain Buggy Nano

This stroller, available on Amazon Prime, is great for infants and for children up to 4 years old. It has a 4 star rating on Amazon, with over 150 reviews.

Lightweight: 13lbs. Definitely not heavy, but not the lightest stroller on the market either. However, what you sacrifice in weight you make up for in versatility. 4.0

Collapsibility: This stroller collapses down in two steps, and meets carry-on requirements, so if you don’t want to gate-check it, you don’t have to. It also comes with a great travel bag and shoulder strap, making it super easy to transport. 4.8

Versatility: The seat back reclines, which is great for napping kids, and it is infant car seat ready. No adaptors or second strollers necessary. 4.8

Overall rating: 4.5 

Where to buy: This stroller will set you back by about $250. And you can get in on Amazon here: The Mountain Buggy Nano.

Summary of the Best Baby Strollers for Flying

 So whether you’re headed home for the holidays or just want to take a trip with your pocket-sized travel companion, make sure you choose a great stroller. The Mountain Buggy Nano was our favorite, but we encourage you to really analyze each option and choose which will be best for your family.

Happy travels!

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