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Travel Essentials We Always Pack in Our Carry-On

There is something decadent about dropping your suitcase off at a ticket counter, and walking away unencumbered by luggage. No stuck or broken wheels to wrangle with, no struggling up and down the escalator, and no lifting something heavy.

But even if you do abandon your largest pieces of luggage with airline personnel, there are a few items you should always have with you in your carry-on bag. The small, simple items listed below will make your time in the air more comfortable and convenient. So drop these items into a shoulder bag and backpack and board the plane with ease!

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Chambray Shirt For Men and For Women

A Chambray, or denim shirt, is the perfect light layer that you can toss on to combat the freezing air conditioning that every flight pumps through the air vents. It can be worn over tank tops, short sleeves, and no sleeves, and it will keep you warm without getting too toasty. Also, in the unspeakable event that the airline misplaces your luggage at your final destination, you’ve got an extra shirt in your carry-on that can get you through the evening.

Chambray shirts can be worn alone or as a layer, and can easily be dressed up or down. Skip the heavy jackets and the ratty old hoodies and choose a layer for flying that is light, stylish, and easy to pack into a small carry-on bag.

Link to Women’s Shirt.

Link to Men’s Shirt.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Travel Toothbrush, On-the-go Folding Feature

A travel toothbrush is always a good thing to throw in a purse or backpack. It can help to freshen your brush after a mid-flight nap, erase the taste of stale airline food, and just generally make you feel fresh and clean after a long time in the air.

These toothbrushes have a convenient folding feature that makes them compact for travel and keeps them sanitary since the bristles are tucked right into the handle. This is another emergency item you will be glad to have on hand in the event your checked bag is delayed. You can get through at least a night on a toothbrush alone, and you will be glad to have it!

Link to buy.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Anker PowerCore Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

Some airplanes are starting to introduce electric outlets and USB ports for charging your devices onboard – but it is far from a guarantee. If you have a long flight and plan to exhaust the battery life of your smartphone or tablet, then bring along this power bank. It can charge the iPhone 8 almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 five times, or the iPad mini 4 times.

Anker is a trusted power bank brand, and this one really packs a punch. You will never worry about a dwindling smartphone battery if you have this in your bag. You can purchase it in black or white, and all you have to provide is your own lightening or micro USB cable!

Link to buy.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle – Narrow Mouth, Vacuum Insulated, Double Wall

It is always smart to have a bottle of water on hand during a flight. Dry-mouth is common in the airtight environment, and if you need to take a motion sickness or anxiety pill, you don’t want to be waiting for a flight attendant to bring you a small little cup.

Disposable water bottles are incredibly expensive in the terminal. Instead, you can opt to carry an empty bottle through TSA, and then fill it up at a water fountain by your gate. The double walled vacuum insulation keeps whatever liquid you put inside hot or cold for hours and it comes in an incredible 42 colors and five different sizes.

Link to buy.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant

This may seem like an odd choice, but Vaseline is something that absolutely every traveler should carry with them at all times. Vaseline is a multi-purpose substance that can be a life-saver on flights. Breathing in the dry air can get uncomfortable, and exposure to other passenger’s germs is nothing to joke about. A bit of Vaseline spread under and inside your nose can protect you from both.

Also, it can be used as a topical moisturizer in place of lotion, and a lip balm in place of chapstick. It is a simple, non-liquid toiletry that can serve many purposes and is an excellent item to have with you during a long flight! Grab this little 3.75 oz of 100% pure petroleum jelly and stay comfortable.

Link to buy.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Bluetooth Headband Superior Wireless Music Headband with HD Stereo Headphone Sleep Headset

Music, audiobooks, and podcasts can be incredibly soothing during long flights, but resting your head and dozing off can be uncomfortable with earbuds or large headphones on. This headband solves those problems.

It fits flush and comfortably around your head and right against your ears. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in a cord. These headphones are life-changing for the frequent flyer. One trip with them, and you will make sure they are tucked safely into your carry-on every time you fly.

Link to buy.

Travel Essentials in Our Carry-On: Karandu Amazing Collapsible Tote Bag

This collapsible tote bag probably won’t be put into use every time you fly, but you will be so happy to have it on the few occasions in which you really need it. When it is collapsed, it tucks into itself and sits in a small and unobtrusive little packet. When expanded, it is a large, over-the-shoulder tote bag with a few exterior pockets and a zip closure for security. This is perfect for anyone flying on a budget airline that allows only one small carry-on.

You can pack a backpack, and store it in an overhead compartment during your flight. However, if you have items you would like to use during your flight, like your headband headphones, power bank, or Vaseline, you will want a secure bag to store them in under your seat. In that event, you can pull out your emergency bag, stash your in-flight materials, and store them comfortably under your seat. It is simple, easy to use, and unobtrusive. It’s also a very convenient way to get around that pesky one personal item rule!

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